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Scoliosis and Erector Strain

From time to time, I’m suffering from burning pain in my lower right erector spinae and my right quadratus lumborum. It can be caused by exercises like pull ups, deadlifts, and weighted planks. I can also get it from longer car rides or sleeping on a harder mattress. Pain usually starts 1-2 days after the activity. After a couple of days pain goes away and leaves some tightness that can be stretched out. Doctors say I have minor scoliosis but there are not disc injuries.

When I bend over, one can clearly see how my left lower back is way more prominent (rib cage bulging). I believe this is not only caused by muscle imbalance but also some rotational deformity of my spine. The right side looks almost pinched.

I read a lot on google but there are two conflicting theories:

(1) The right side is too strong and “doing all the work”. This would mean I have to focus my training on activating the left side.
(2) The right side is too weak and is strained when it happens to be activated in certain exercises. This would mean the opposite, that is training the right side.

I have also noticed that my right lower abs start burning sooner when doing ab exercises. But again, not sure if they’re weak or just more active.

What do you guys suggest?

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Seriously. All I am seeing here is ass.

Removed picture as it wasn’t very useful…

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Doesn’t mean you can’t try again. Just try to get a better pic.

See if you can post a few different angles pictures… could be multiple imbalances