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Scoliosis & Achieving a Stable Base for Benching

Okay, so first off I have mild scoliosis(11 degree last time measured), so I don’t know if that is the reason why. Basically if I try to bench flat, or on a low incline(30-35 degrees), I am unable to really pull my shoulder blades back and down. For whatever reason doing incline bench at a 45 degree incline, I can keep a strong base all throughout the exercise no problem. Is there a way to fix this issue, or could it just be an issue with my anatomy? Also, Does it really matter if I bench low o high incline for overall chest development?

Try this reaching drill from the Postural Restoration Institute.

Try and get your back “flat” on the floor, so your not twisted or rolling up onto only 1 side of your ribcage. Then make sure you can “reach” and “extend” each one of your arms Without twisting or raising one shoulder off the ground.

Consider benching with your feet out in front of your knees instead of tucked way back underneath you. Push your toes thru the front of your sneakers and drive your shoulders “up” the bench. Similar to the way you may use lg drive in the incline.

If your goal is Chest Development you may not even need to use any kind of bench press at all.