Scold Me

Past 2 weeks I’ve had tremendously good workouts in the gym. All my lifts have improved, I’ve been recovering and feeling energized and strong(both in mind and body), I definitely feel like I’m making progress. I mostly feel this way because of the consistent amount of good eating and good sleeping I’ve been doing. My training has been on point and focused, but as a beginner, I know that it doesn’t take that much to stimulate muscle growth, and my priorities are definitely biased on the nutritional/rest sides of things.

But, this weekend was awful. For whatever reasons, I ate far less than normal, I ate more junky foods, didn’t goto the gym at all, but worst of all, I even missed breakfast this morning. To compound things, I partied back-to-back, drinking a lot and getting to bed at 3 or 4 AM. So all around, I feel like this weekend was just murder to any and all fitness goals I have.

I know its not the end of the world, but I am curious about people’s opinions on this. Do you ever have a cluster of days where everything goes to shit? do you notice it in the gym? what sort of effects does it have on your progress(mental or otherwise)?

DUde I hear you…Im a college kid so this past weekend was bad, but not as bad as I thought…I took some perks fri nite and drank and because of it I was wayy to fukd up to lift the next day…I literally sat around and watched reruns of the sopranos all day, thankfully with a few big bowls of pasta and meatsauce…I didnt drink at all on sun because I didn want to have back to back bad days (its the worst feeling in teh world especially when u are tryin to bulk)…and still on sun i was feeln the effects of teh perks and alcohol…Luckily i dragged myself out of bed and had a sick leg workout…Rite now i feel 1000x better, full of energy and not a lazy waste of life…I hate not being able to life because of alcohol etc, you feel weak lazy and just horrible…plus u know ur screwing up ur goals…just my 2 cents.

Dude, grow the fuck up!

Now that the scolding is out of the way, train anyhow. When you’re as hung over as possible, train. Just do it, like the past poster said, he felt better after his ‘sic leg workout’. It works, big time. It is a warrior hard thing to do, train hungover, but the hang over is gone after and you establish a mental toughness that will help you long term with your goals.


Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought!

I just got back from an hour at the gym and I moved substantially more weight with my deadlift this week than I did last week. Although, I’m sure the weekend of debauchery didn’t help, my newbie resilience seems to have shone through.

I feel great now, back on track.

I do wish that some more people chimed in though, with regards to their ‘falling off the horse’ stories, experiences, wisdom. I’ll have to keep searching(I didn’t find anything about this topic when I first posted, but there’s always more threads)