Sclaremax vs Forskolin (Carbolin 19)

I’m wondering if others experience the same effects as I do: Sclaremax gives me a much greater boost in perceived “well-being” than Carbolin 19. Now, I am not directly comparing the two, as I am comparing the old HOT-ROX formula versus HOT-ROX Extreme…the old formula used Sclaremax as its cAMP upregulator…HOT-ROX Extreme uses Carbolin 19 for the same effect (in addition to adding other things like Yohimbine HCL, etc).

How did I compare? Well, lo and behold, I had a nice stash of the old formula HOT-ROX in storage. I have been religiously using the later version HOT-ROX Extreme for its “mind effects” (such as general alertness and general sense of well being) because I thought the latest version would be better than the old…but upon trying an experiment for a month with the old HOT-ROX formula with the Sclaremax, I have to say that the old version HOT-ROX kicked HOT-ROX Extreme’s butt in terms of “mind boosting”…at least for me. The one ingredient I think is doing this is the Sclaremax. Somehow Sclaremax kicks the living bejesus out of Carbolin 19 for me.

Anyone else get this effect? In my notes, I also re-read some entries several years ago when I tried RED KAT which not only had the Eurycoma (Tongkat Ali) extract but also Sclaremax…guess what? Similiar entries written about mind and mood boosting effects.

Anyone else using HOT-ROX as a nootropic (like me) instead of for fat loss? To further this, I have not found a single supplement that produces the same mind boosting effect (and very importantly, mood boosting effect) as the original HOT-ROX with Sclaremax (or RED KAT)…not Vinpocetine, not piracetam, and not Spike (caffeine or no caffeine).

Do I get the same effects from HOT-ROX Extreme, Alpha Male, or even standalone Carbolin 19 itself? No, not really. At least that is my perception.

I’m going to be really sad when my stash of old HOT-ROX with Sclaremax or RED KAT runs out as I don’t see any other supplements around (none for Biotest anymore) that contain Sclaremax.

Biotest: you thinking of ever re-introducing Sclaremax back into your products? : )

I think I noticed something similar. Better well-being with previous formulas, but better physique improvements with HOT-ROX Extreme.

I liked Sclaremax, and wouldn’t mind seeing it in some form or another.