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Scirion Certifications


Alright here is the deal. I am looking into getting a proctor job with this company. They offer certifications for personal trainers. So far I have tried to do my research and learn more about them. However, every post I have found is the same. They get all kinds of good remarks!... from people who suddenly show up and have less then 5 posts. Other people hate them.

I have no idea what to make of them but so far their name has not come up on this site. So I put it to you guys as to weather they are legit or not. I would like to get a definitive idea of what I am getting my self into. notice if you have less then 5 or so posts I am going to ignore your post*


There is a short thread about these guys over on crossfit. FWIW, Scirion didn't come off so well on that thread.



The thing that I'm wondering is why are you applying for a job at a place you know nothing about? Who does that? You think you're going to get career advice on a website? Get a life like the title of this section says! You get tips and ideas on fitness programs on websites... not career advice.

Only the people who are successful will talk great about a company and the other losers who are unsuccessful will talk shit about it. If you are so unsure about this place then look for another job. You sound pathetic asking for opinions about applying for a job at a place you obviously want to work at but are scared for some reason. Positive replies will come from the successful people... negative replies will come from the unsuccessful people. Who will you listen too?