SciFit BCAA Powder & AAKG Powder

I just received my order of these two products at work yesterday, and I rushed to get home to use them. I took 5gs of the BCAA and 3g of the AAKG about an hour before work on an empty stomach. I tried to mix them in grape juice like the instructions said, but the bad news is that they don’t mix worth a crap!

I had to chug the grape juice and then take the sprayer on the sink and spray the glass and drink that a couple times to get it all down.

I did my bis/tris/forearm work out, and I don’t know if it was the BCAAs or the AAKG or a combo of them both, but I had the best pumps of my life!! My arms were so solid and veiny (sp?) that my wife and kids commented on them without me even saying anything.

My wife tried to push in on my bicep with her finger and couldn’t make a dent. I know I’ve only taken these products once, but they definitely get 4.98 stars (it would be a perfect 5 if they mixed better!)

I took my dose Post WO by throwing the scoops in the back of my throat and chasing them. That worked much better, plus I didn’t taste the a$$ taste of the BCAA powder.
Just my 2 cent review!