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What do you guys think of scientology? I think they are a bunch of crack pots and its more about the money than anything else (like the roman church aint either). I got into an argument with my friend. I said that I supported Germany and France (first time agreed with there action) in considering them a cult and banning them from “practicing” in their country. My friend of course said it was wrong. I personally don’t find a religion legitimate without a few hundred years of persecution and punishment. But I read some websites, the founding father of this group was a nut case. Wow do they have some messed up stories.

Yea, they are fucked up. But they should not be banned. I personally want to ban banning…That shit irritates the piss out of me.

When a bunch of Hollywood B actors/actresses start going nuts for something like this you know its stupid. Sort of like the yoga and pilates sp? trends.

Germany and France picking on the weak. Both have major problems with religion, can you say Hamberg Cell! 20th Highjacker!

The Roman Catholic Church is not “all about the money”. It is a huge organization, that does many good things, and as such does require funds, to facilitate infrastructure and charitable projects. Collecting money is not it’s sole reason of existance.

My parents were scientologists for a while. Now they are not even considered as recognized by that organization. Thank god. I read a lot about it when I was younger - and I think that while there may have been some very good ideas in there (mostly the ones that you could find from many other sources) - it was extremely shady and I would say that at best they are a good idea thats very corrupt. At worst - they are a money leeching cult of methodolatry whose strongest points are derivative from other beliefs.


CULT! L. Ron Hubbard died nicely before he could be indicted and incarcerated. It’s as big a hoax as the what the Mormon faith is based on. Interesting read, Hoax of Mormonism and then use “operation clambake” in google.

Crazy or not, I think people have should have a right to practice.

Let’s face it - at this point in history it probably isn’t possible to start a new religion. If you do, you’ll be labeled a cult leader and a crackpot with a personal agenda.

Seriously, what do you consider the difference between a relgion and a cult? Is it simply a question of size? Do all religions start out as cults and slowly gain enough momentum to become “legitimate” ? Do you feel that some religions have a more legitimate point of view than others? One’s prophets are clearly real, where as another’s prophets are clearly liars spreading fabrications? Creationism? Burning bushes? Resurrection? A promise of a harem of virgins in the afterlife? Turning water into wine? Reincarnation based on the state of your karma? Giving away your worldly possessions, castrating yourself, and leaving earth aboard a spacecraft? Parting the red sea? Which of these sound the most legitimate to you?

Jesus Christ rules!
“All of religions are a perversion of Christianity.” …C.S LEWIS

In my opinion, the difference between religion and a cult is the feeling. Everyone has their differences of opinion with regards to religion but, you have to admit that when you see a cult it makes you go eeeegg.

I hate typos: replace “of” with “other”

Yoga isn’t a “trend”, its thousands of years old.

Okay, yoga has been around for a while but, yoga is still a trend. When people got a hold of yoga, the “elite” went nuts and everyone, that was in fashion, started doing it. That sounds like a trend regardless of how old it is. A trend is “the way things are going” and yoga is the way things are going now. mace.J

If memory serves correct, L. Ron Hubbard was once quoted as saying that to be rich a person should start their own religion. Can’t remember when or where so “cum grano salis”.

I think scientology is great because hot scientology chicks like to put out

Um yea… thats it