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Scientists Turn Tequila into Diamonds


Interesting reading:



I can turn tequila into........... Oh wait............


Does this mean that every man will be able to afford a stunning engagement ring for his fiancee?


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No...because if every woman could have it, NO woman would want it.


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Oh snap!


Nah mate - it'd be cool the other way round. Who needs diamonds?


You're wrong there Prof. All women can have me and ... oh wait. See what you're saying now :stuck_out_tongue:


Do some men really think like this?


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Jokes aside...

In one of my Smithsonian magazines from a couple of months back they gave an extensive article on the production of diamonds in lab settings. They could produce them rather quickly and they were 100% authentic matches compared to their natural counterparts. The techs been in development for a while, but it hasn't been applied on a wide scale due to pressure from the diamond industry in Africa. I hope they do succeed soon so that the abuse occurring over their can be curbed even if just a little.


On this particular method, the article says that this is good for making diamond FILMS. My chemistry is a little old these days, but from what I gather, they put a layer of tequila on top of silicone/steel and it forms a coating of diamond on top of it. This would be pretty worthless for jewelry applications, and pretty kickass for that diamond coated saw, sword, or car, ala Knight Rider.

What I've heard about the other diamond creation process mentioned by steel88 is that the lab created diamonds are matches for a certain high grade of diamond. Nature can still create diamonds of a higher grade, which labs are either unwilling or unable to duplicate. This is all just off the top of my head, for what it's worth.


a regretable night?


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So there is a chemical reason that tequila and diamonds both open legs up?


I don't know, but it seems as though these scientists have uncovered a pretty handy bar trick.


Damn true. As it is, diamonds aren't even rare. Supply is purposely kept low.


I meant to illustrate the difficulty of creating a jewel shape that anyone would want. Did not mean to imply that hosing your car with tequila would make it capable of smashing through walls; there is some sort of process they do after the tequila hosing that grows diamonds.


Diamonds aren't terribly rare, but that is not quite relevant. Black diamonds are used industrially and relatively common, while actual jewelry grade diamonds are a small fraction of the entire diamond supply. Said supply is indeed kept purposely low, I believe DeBeers controls something like 70% of the diamonds and purposely restricts supply to keep the price inflated.

All that said, jewelry grade diamonds are incredibly rare.