Science: 'Probiotic Food = BS'

[quote]Of 180 claims for probiotic ingredients, the EU’s food agency the European Food Safety Authority (Efsa) threw out every one. Ten were rejected outright and a 21-member expert panel could not assess the remaining 170 because the ingredients for which the claims were made could not be identified.
The findings on ingredients such as lactobacillus and bifidobacterium are an embarrassment to the UK’s £220m-a-year “dairy shots” industry, which has relied on heavy advertising to persuade shoppers of its products.[/quote]

what a huge surprise that is to me. Not!

They are the perfect marketing product. They tell you it will make you feel great, then tell you to try it for a week and if you don’t feel better you get your money back. Placebo affect kicks in. Then because you are in the habbit of taking it you keep buying.

The sad part is that the crappy probiotic products, with their added sugars and artificial flavors, will give the good probiotic products a bad name.