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Science of SuperHuman Strength


It was on before, but it's gonna be on again on the Discovery channel.

Sunday the 29th @ 2:00 CST time.

I put a post-it note on my TV to make sure I record it :slightly_smiling:

Just thought I'd let everyone know.



Thanks brother. I love stuff like this. Since I like to write sci-fi/fantasy I have to keep up on current science. :slight_smile:



Pardon if this is a stupid question.. but that's 2 PM?



"Yeah, I was the feature of the show. I could bench 5000 lbs and jump a mile in there. ppppphhhhh. You guys are far from hardcore"


Just kidding. Thanks for the update. I'll definitely watch it. BTW, I took a quiz online today, and one of the questions was "If you could watch one type of tv show, what would it be". The choices were hollywood classic, informational documentary, drama or some other crap and I picked documentary. Shows how much of a dork I am.


I'll have to tape it. I'm addicted to CNN and how they can't shut up about how right the U.S. was to kick the crap out of some shithole country that sits on top of an oil well.


Everyone that wants to watch it is going to be disappointed. I saw it about 5 or 6 days ago and its nothing special. It pretty much tells everyone stuff they already know. They also mention roid rage and a couple loopy things like; bodybuilders are always ahead of the world and they pull us to their level, or something similar meaning that in the future people with a Coleman like body will become the trendy norm. Superhero science was much better, just MHO.


Yah, thats 2:00 PM. Sorry about that.


Thanks Mace should have known. :slight_smile:


I saw maybe half of it while waiting for the a co-worker of my wife to come pick up their dog that we were dogsitting. It was a pretty general review of a lot of different strength sports. The guy who would bend hard metal objects was kind of fun to watch.

The best reason to see it was the female Olympic lifter. Sweet Jesus.


"The best reason to see it was the female Olympic lifter. Sweet Jesus. "

Tara Nott i think was the name, bodyweight 105, snatch 225.

very impressive indeed.


She was a strong little girl. And it showed.


Tara Nott was pretty much a highlight. Did anyone notice when they did the obligatory "Evil Supplement" segment they kept showing creatine? I was expecting the usual bias against pro-hormones and 'roids, but when they mentioned equated testosterone and creatine I couldn't stop laughing.


I found it funny that they were implying that andro was as powerful as the real thing.

Arnold's presence was also amusing. Partly because of the fact that he was a bodybuilder, and not a strength athlete per se. Also because of some of the answers he gave dealing with steroids and supplements.