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Science of Steroids on TV

If you get the National Geographic channel it’ll be on Sunday, Feb 3rd @10pm et

Probably won’t learn anything new but I figured most in this sub forum would be interested to watch anyway.

cool, saw an add the other night, can’t wait for the people on the story to blow everything out of perportion like their used to doing…

but the only news that sales these days :

bad news, dectructive news and WRONG NEWS!!

Just got done watching most of it. A lot of opinion and hype and not much science.

It could have been a lot worse. They tried to balance things out.

I injected during the program, it seemed like the right thing to do.

It was interesting that the only kid in Texas to have ever committed suicide was using steroids. His very informed father taked about injecting into the vein. Anyone see a genetic pattern?

It did not help that the strong man was showing off a bunch of vials and injecting Vitamin B for the camera. He did not speak well and did not seem to understand what he was talking about.

Science of Steroids had no science at all.

Dr. Charles E. Yesalis was very informed and level-headed. I liked his input.

They really pulled out all the stops when ‘demonstrating’ the deadly side-effects. I mean those graphics! Yikes!

And what about that kid in Texas…what do we suppose that boy was taking?
We get some uninformed newbs here, sure -but if you ever pop-in to some of the other boards…there a LOT of under-age kids with absolutely Zero in the clue column talking about some really crazy “cycles” with NO idea about how to come off or run a simple pct.

It’s a wonder more kids aren’t keeling over!
I don’t think it’s the steroids so much as the ignorance that’s killing these folks.