Science for Raw Process?

hi, I’m interested in the process of using raw methods, but am unsure what materials I need. I’m not asking on where to buy, just what’s required.

I’ve searched but not found anything.


@now_i_care has some experience.

You are probably better going to a different forum (Meso_Rx is the one I am thinking about off the top of my head), that have whole sections dedicated to brewing. Also, have sources listed, and blood work and lab tests for some of them.

UGBodybuilding has a whole section aswell

Musclechemistry has a brewing section.

Basically as far as ingredients go you need, benzyl alcohol, benzyl benzoate, some sort of carrier oil. You need a way to filter it via either a syringe filter (not recommended), vacuum filter (need some sort of pump for this way). After that you need some vials to put the finished product into. I like getting pre sealed pre sterilized vials because doing all that myself is too much just too easy to not be sterile.

There is a med lab supply site that carries everything you need to home brew.