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Science Behind Test + Confidence?

I am nerding out here and I realize this is kind of a theoretical question - I guess - but I am new to TRT and one of the things i kept reading over and over is guys saying

  • “it made me more confident”
  • “TRT made me more assertive”
  • “Test makes me more forward with women”

So I guess my question is, isnt the extra test just making everyone more aggressive? ( but subtly - not to the point they are violent). But i also see a lot of guys talk about their focus is elevated … i have also seen artciles regarding dopamine levels and how they correlate with test… so whats the science behind test and confidence?

What do you mean “subtly - not to the point they are violent”
Have you not followed the news with all the very powerful men being taken down and going to jail in the last 3-4 years? Do you think they all did that as natties?
google: women’s movement #me too


Scientifically speaking, men are are just aggressive in general. That’s due to the fact that we naturally have more testosterone than women, in NORMAL cases anyway. Hell just look at the natural world around you. This is true even in the animal kingdom. Males instinctively have only three things that drive them… Food, sex, and sleep. It’s always the females that provide nurturing, because that involves a more emotional approach (ie estrogenic response).

Now applying the natural state of things to the very unnatural world we live in today, men with significantly lowered testosterone levels, women with significantly lowered estrogen levels etc, you find that the new “normal” is not very normal at all and the balance is completely whacked out. Men behave more like women did 100 years ago, mostly passive and non-confrontational. Women no longer feel the need to be nurturing and motherly, but rather ditch the family and go out seeking careers.

The point is, that the change in hormonal dynamics has led to a change in the mindset of men and women, and the thought process has shifted more from the community / family direction to the my 4 walls and me mentality. That mindset tends to lead to a lot more assholes in the world because of the internal conflict between how we think now, as opposed to the mental processes our bodies and brains are designed to follow.

So you consider the idea that people are assholes, and then you give a male asshole that is deficient in testosterone the means to bring his levels up to optimal, then you get an end result of an overly aggressive asshole!!! Lol!!


I have always found this interesting and observed literally hundreds of guys using AAS back in the 70s and 80s. I wonder how much of the “roid rage” theory was real and how much placebo? It stands to reason that one taking test will have more energy, strength, and increased libido and overall just feel better and that will give one confidence. Some of the nicest guys off steroids were still nice on. Some assholes off steroids were assholes, perhaps bigger assholes, on. I theorized that if one wants to be an asshole, he can be a bigger asshole on and blame the testosterone or AAS.

Hormones are powerful things. I don’t hunt, but I’m reminded of a guy who does telling me how he was almost run over by a buck chasing a doe. The thing came on him so fast he couldn’t get a shot off, it was literally within a few feet, almost hit him. That buck was after one thing.


So its 100% test and test makes us bolder in general … thats it?

I have been very surprised to see so many guys talk about how life changing TRT has been for them and how mnay have said they are bolder, but also more “steady” … or from what i can translate is a lack of highs and lows, emotion wise … Just trying to understand it all

Ive seen those Buck in Rut stories and some have even fought a hunter like they would a competing male deer … pretty wild to see that.

I too find this area of human behavior pretty amazing - thats why i wanted to ask guys here for more insight as I am sure most know more about test and how it affects us. But honestly I was thinking it has to be more than just “more test equals more confidence”

I think roid rage has more to do with E2 levels or inbalance to TT than a super high TT.
Think about it when are women the bitchest? When their E2 is thru the roof. I believe it is the same for men.
I have experimented with my TT and doubled the top of the range I have also quadrupled my Free T above the top of the range and felt nothing but strength and calmness. Only when my E2 starts going out of wack do I have issues with my temper and emotions.
Some AAS really mess with your E2 an I believe that is where roid rage comes from.

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I was going to ask about this. I know E and T go hand in hand so to speak due to aromitiazion etc … and my first week on TRT I experienced about 3 or 4 days of being irritated and, well, bitchy for lack of a better word. I was quick tempered and just unhappy. Not violent, but irritable. I have no way to prove what was going on inside my body hormone or neurotransmitter wise … but i would assume something was off (T and E ratio? E too high? Could this have caused a dopamine spike or crash? I really dont know) … but i do know that i was not confident and wasnt experiencing this great sense of well being most claim one the TRT really kicks in … thats what prompted my question about the confidence factor .

A lot of truth here. However, some women are not like that, my wife being one of them. Now, our daughter, she’s on the other end of the spectrum. We’d just steer clear of her around that time.

Just like some women are very sensitive to hormone fluctuations, so are some men.

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No. What I’m saying is that test is responsible for the FEELING of aggression and confidence, namely in males. The force behind the drive. The selfishness or state of ones individual mentality will drive whether or not these FEELINGS are made manifest to other humans. In other words, an asshole is an asshole. Period. The administration of extra test in that individual will elevate the feelings that the individual is outwardly manifesting to others, and in essence, make him / her a bigger asshole, but test is not what is making the person an asshole. That part is the choice of the individual.

Any huge hormonal imbalance will make a person bitchy or moody (make or female), but those are usually very temporary outward displays, and also the CHOICE of the person displaying them to act on those feelings. If you see someone who the press would call “in a roid rage”, and that person is indeed doing excessive amounts of testosterone, then that person was an asshole already. He just had a stronger feeling of being an asshole and therefore more aggressively puked that shit out onto others.

Hope this makes sense lol.

Maybe this will help explain what I’m trying to say a little better.

Put different women in a physically abusive relationship. One woman will cower, take her lumps, and never say a word about it for fear of her life or safety, and live in that shit for years. Another woman will wait till that fucker goes to sleep and break both of his knees with a frying pan. Yet another will hit him right back and proceed to open a can of whoop ass on him…

What’s the difference in all these women? They all feel the fear and pain of the abuse. It has the same effect stimulus wise in every one of them. The difference?

What they CHOSE to do.

Bottom line…outward aggression, bitchy, moody, CONFIDENCE, dickhead, insert whatever outward display you like here…it’s all a CHOICE made by the person displaying them. Sure there are feelings that are more conducive to making that choice easier, but it’s still a choice.

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It’s all genetics and part upbringing. Come form a family of athletes you’ll probably be more athletic. Your child hood plays a big role in who you become. Adding T to the mix is simple allowing one to grow out of the shell they seem to of plateaued under.

And yes I know guys who started TRT and are angrier and more frustrated than before. Others just seem to stay calm and they were calm beforehand.

Our mind is what decides how we perceive the world around us. Think negative to long and your gonna be a negative fukstik… same person focused on the positive, he re wires his brain and can change. TRT can help with change. Or it can help with amplification of mouth disease.

@enackers did they stay on TRT if it made them more frustrated?

Yah because they feel better. Getting angry or frustrated easily is a personality trait. On t you just have more energy.