Right now Im not into exer- just doing rehab stuff for an arthroscopy I underwent. *Whenever I used to squat my R glute used to get a more stretched feeling than my L. *And sometimes I get this irritating feeling in my glute- it could be anytime- when Im walking /sleeping/ just sitting.
In fact it wasnt there when I started typing this post- but I get that feeling now.
Its been about a year now.

A feeling that my Glute has been really stretched
and sometimes just a mild stimulated feeling.

*whenever I stretch the pain goes away.
The pain is never so heavy that I have to stop my work- or when I exercised it wouldnt be strong enough to make me stop my workout.
*my surgeon has asked to to stop lifting for around 3 months.
And wear a lumbar belt for 3 m.
And of course Physio.
I take DIAthermy,Sound wave.

My Surgeon says take both on the LS SPINE(whatever that is)
My PHYSIO says take DIAthermy on the back and the sound waves on the glutei.
Who`s right?

*What about reverse Hyper?
I tried that and I loved it-
I also remember bridging and my glutei and knee started hurting me.
If Reverse Hypers dont hurt me while I`m doing them should I include them in my rehab prog?

I`m taking VIt C, Glucosamine+Chronditin now…
Im going to include E now.

Anything else would be really helpful.