Sciatic Nerve Damage

Not sure if this is the correct forum to post an issue like this. I recently started feeling pain in my glute and would shoot down my hamstring and into the calf. I had an MRI done and it was my sciatic nerve. This pain has completely hampered my deadlifting and squating. Is there anything else out there that could hopefully compensate for two important lifts as the ones mentioned. If there are any experts out there on the issue. Is there anyway to speed up the healing process?

If anyone has any ideas I am all ears.


Keep moving as much as possible. Stretch 3 times a day. Lay on your back with your head on a pillow, get someone to raise your foot in the air and apply pressure, bending your toes toward the ground and your heel toward the ceiling.

This is a bitch, but it’s something that you are just going to have to wait out.

I’ve heard that this can be hugely helpful:

Lay on your back on a carpeted floor. Set both feet so that your knees are bent a little bit more than a 90 degree angle. Take whichever leg hurts and rest your foot or ankle just above your knee (superior to it, i.e. above it if you were standing up) and stretch your lower back and glute in that position.

I don’t know how severe your injury yours, but 5 weeks ago I screwed up my lower spine on T-bar rows which resulted in a bulging disc that is touching one of my nerves. I’ve had the same pain you are describing for 5 weeks now. Earlier this week I got results from my MRI and my specialist said it will take 6 - 12 months to heal. I asked her if there was any exercise or stretches I can perform to maybe speed up the healing and she told me unfortunately there wasn’t and only time can heal it(for the disc to go back in place). I still do stretches throughout the day, but honestly, I haven’t seen much improvement from these stretches.

Also depend on how severe it is, it might not be a good idea to keep moving as much as possible. In many occasions my pain will start after I walk 30 yards, but many times I will also get unbearable pain just from standing.

great video and there channal has tons of info.

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I have the same problem bro I bought the Magnificient Mobility DVD and it’s been helping. Bushido mentioned Stuart McGill, I’ve heard his name over and over again as far as these issues are concerned… Going to look into some of his stuff obviously his name is being mentioned so much for a reason. Good luck not being able to perform in the gym/life sucks!

x2 on the Magnificient Mobility DVD

Hey guys thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.