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Sci Fit Pro Machine?


Has anyone used one of these machines for their boxing/thai boxing training?

If so, what kind of results did you see on your cardio/conditioning/endurance/strength etc...

and did you see any muscle gain from using it?
How long and what settings did you generally use?


what the fuck is that?

go grab a barbell and squat.





Never. Best cardio I've done for BJJ is BJJ.

Muscle gain?


actually is a nice cardio machine when your legs are beaten down from the week of leg days and all training. But still is just a cardio machine.


They started out as physical therapy machines, so I guess it could be nice for getting over an injury. Still, being locked into one plane of motion is going to do fuckall for your boxing.


It ain't all that great for rehabing an injury either.

Ok, for individuals for whom normal weight bearing cardio isn't an option. Honestly I usually see PT's use things like this for elderly patients that are in wheelchairs and are not coming out of them.

Maybe if you were trying to work around a leg/ankle injury? Might have done me some good one of the times my ankles got done in by a toe hold or heel hook, but I am thinking punching and pummeling drills are going to give a better carry over.

Honestly, benefits of using a hand bike vs an exercise bike vs some other form of slow steady cardio has to be pretty low on the priority list. I doubt I could ever get dialed in enough to even be able to swear if it made a real difference from one to another vs just the whole more cardio is better thing.


Robert A


Hit the speed bag instead.

If you look at the picture so that the seat is on the left hand side, the machine kind of looks like a terminator.

Don't trust terminators.


I will admit to using one or something like it.
several times.

Never by choice.
always because some goon where I trained bought one and
felt that need to do so.

I used those and an exercise bike manual up on a riser
cranked all they way in resistance with the brake on,
or a manual brake applied
and used it for time
stupid fast

its great for tendinitis.

we used it after or concurrent with high rep pullups or static holds
to get used to working with very fatigued arms the latic acid build up is tremendous

for a while it was popular in wrestling rooms and I can see some of the rational

I don't think I would recommend it for boxing heavy arms make slow punches