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Sci-Fi Book Recommendations


Patrick Rothfuss needs to get his ass in gear. I read that he was having difficulty tying everything together with an ending he thought fitting while also leaving some strings untied and left open to interpretation.

He signed a deal to do a tv show, movie or possibly both, so I wonder if that’s causing some of the delay as well.

I also couldn’t agree more about the stormlight archives being a massive undertaking. It is worth mentioning that compared to Sandersons other works, the stormlight archives are definitely not for young adult or fluffy. I read the mystborn series as well and the stormlight archives were substantially better and more mature in my opinion. That being said, i mentioned before I had a hell of a time getting invested in the first book, but once I did, i didnt regret it and was captivated and sad the third book wasnt out yet, although it’s set to release next month.

Thanks for the kindle $5 tip! I’m all about being thrifty. I buy nearly all of my books used these days from Amazon. You can get nice used hardbacks for like $4-$7. Can’t beat that.


Different in some small ways. Like there really is an electric sheep. But if you like the movie then you should like it.


Cool, thanks man



After burning through the entire Expanse series that is currently out, I was in a drought and put down some Stephen King. Outsider was good, and the Bill Hodges Trilogy. All good but nothing noteworthy. Then I stumbled onto ‘The Tower of Babel’ Series from previously self published Josiah Bancroft.

Just finished Senlin Ascends, starting the second book this weekend. Bummed that the 3rd wont be out until Jan. Highly recommend it. A very unique book that is hard to explain.

Starts a bit sluggish, author has what I originally found to be a pretentious writing style. Over the course of the story, it has the same “Nadsat” type effect which changed my opinion of it through the reading. By the second half of the book, the style really just becomes a set piece in the steam punk world that is being built.

Anyone decides to read it please let me know what you think of it.


Just seeing this now. Did you ever read the other 3 books after the First Law Trilogy? Then we can really talk about the Bloody Nines story in full. That and my favorite character of the series, Shivers. I felt that the best part of the entire series is retrospectively seeing the minor characters take the stage when we only saw them through the eyes of others, as well as the majors in the eyes of the minors. Was thinking the other day about going through the books again.

I tried to read Wool. I really did. It is rare that I do not make it through a book, couldnt get past the first 100 pages no matter how hard I tried. Like not even enough interest to just wikipedia through the story and get the goods.


The foundation series is a must for any sci fi nerd

Can never recommend dune enough, great book that teaches a massive amount on leadership and politics.

Starship troopers is a fantastic novel, nothing like the movie (directed by a guy who didn’t read the book… literally). Talks about the need for severe training of military troops, and I may be a little biased toward it since the author went to my school.


The Atlantis Gene - AG Riddle- The Origin series.


The Ifth of Oofth - short story so may not be appropriate.


The Forever War > Starship Troopers

Not a shot at Troopers which was awesome, but Forever War was great.


Oh man, I am gonna have to disagree. Forever War was good, almost added it to my recommendations, but the follow ups were not nearly the same quality as the first, brought the series down to me.


Never read them. Considering the book was written in the 70s and the sequels, if you would call them that, were written 20+ years later, I decided to pass. Thanks for confirming I was write to do so.

You ever read Old Mans War? Was influenced heavily by both. First 3 were awesome, should have quit then, perfectly contained. Kept making more, got 1.5 of them down and just gave up wishing it stopped at the 3rd.

This was why I loved the 3 follow ups to the First Law series. They were self contained stories but actually built out and enhanced the lore of the original trilogy.


Noooo read The Forever War. It’s awesome.


Ya know, I did not know the sequels were written that much later, explains a lot really.


Was talking about the Sequels of it. The Forever War is one of my favorite books.


Oh sorry, my mistake


Resurrection, I just ordered Altered Carbon. The Netflix adaptation was awesome.


For the Takeshi Kovacs books, I read them all. Meh. Worth the read but I just felt afterwards like there was so much potential with the concept and environments that were wasted.


Ya, I only bought the first one instead of the trilogy in case it ended up being like you describe. I’m pretty easy to please when it comes to TV/movies, but am much more picky when it comes to books. Probably because of the time investment.


Loved the show. Like loved it. Maybe only liked the first book because of that. Felt obligated to read the rest of the trilogy. Decent reads don’t get me wrong but after I finished I felt like how you feel when you get hungry 30 min after eating Chinese food. Just didn’t do it for me.


I agree completely. The first two Rothfuss books were outstanding, but I’m worried he’s psyching himself out while writing the third. I did hear that he’s interested in expanding the history of the world in other books. That would be great…if he ever finishes the third one.

For the OP, I recently read the Broken Earth trilogy by N.K. Jemisin. Pick up “The Fifth Season” if you are interested. It’s really impressive sci-fi; the world is highly tectonically active, and every few thousand years it unleashes a massive catastrophe. The sci-fi part comes in that there are people that can control the seismic activity, but they have to be carefully trained otherwise they can make things so much worse. The book tracks a person at the beginning of one of these fifth seasons and how she survives as the world falls apart. Jemisin won a Hugo award for each book in the series.