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Sci-Fi Book Recommendations

Any good Sci-Fi books you’ve read lately. I’m on a string of some pretty good ones but looking for recommendations. Finishing up Great North Road by Peter F Hamilton - pretty decent. Also recently read Seveness by Neal Stephenson - 1st half is awesome, 2nd have deteriorates a bit but still good, and Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie - so so. Any newer books you’ve enjoyed (say post 2012). I’ve read most of the classics.

Try ‘the skinner’ by Neal Asher. It’s one of the most original works of sci fi I’ve read for some time.

check out The Culture series of books by Iain M. Banks. My favourite is called Matter

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Troy: Lord of the Silver Bow, Troy: Shield of Thunder, Troy: Fall of Kings by David Gemmell
Broken Empore Series by Mark Lawrence
First Law Trilogy by Joe Abercrombie

These may be more fantasy than sci-fi but these were some excellent books!

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You could also try ‘revelation space’ by Alistair Reynolds, or really anything by him. Mae e’n gymro, fyd.

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duuuuuuuude I really enjoyed those! They got so fucking dark as they went on!


Damn sure did! I’ve been debating on reading his other books based in the same ‘world’.
Best Served Cold
The Heroes (probably going to read this one for sure since it’s center is Black Dow and I liked that motherfucker)
Red Country


The Haunted Mesa by Louis Lamour was trippy as hell. Only psyfi book he wrote. But interesting.

How about Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut and Anathem by Neal Stephenson.

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You’ve probably already read most of Harness’ work, but I’ll throw this one out just in case you haven’t.

The two SF books I’ve read in the last year which I would recommend are “Death’s End” by Cixin Liu and “Stories of your Life” by Ted Chiang. “Death’s End” is the best fictional, philosophical rebuttal of “Star Trek” and its philosophical assumptions I’ve ever read, and I say that as a guy whose list of top ten favorite TV shows would include three of the Star Trek series. “Stories of Your Life” includes the short story “Arrival” was based upon, and one of the best fictional accounts of the qualitative nature of superior intelligence I’ve read (I think Sherlock Holmes and most stories about artificial intelligence would be an example of the quantitative nature of superior intelligence).

Thanks for the suggestions - I’ll look into these.

Every year I buy the “The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 20XX Edition” in paperback.

The take the best stories from Asimov mag, Clarksworld, Nebula awards, etc.

I love short stories because I read on a rig and get random 30 minute intervals to read.

Obviously some of the stories are better than others, but it’s never disappointed me in the 8 or so years I’ve read it, and it’s a great way to get introduced to new authors.

Glad to hear - I’ve come very close to grabbing it many times. I will check it out.

Speaking of short stories in the genre, here’s a collection of some very good ones:


In particular, ‘A Gun for Dinosaur’ and ‘Black Destroyer’ are stand outs.

Andrew Klavan’s “Werewolf Cop” is an entertaining read. Prolific readers should breeze few it in a day or 2.

Do it. They are better than the trilogy. He really gets better as a writer with each book.

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I agree. I actually thought the first law was a bit slow and dragged with a few characters, The Heroes and Red Country were the best of the series.

Agreed. The series as a whole was great but mainly the second half. The first book and half of second dragged a bit.

Just finished Hyperion by Dan Simmons.

Why have I not read this sooner? Amazing. I highly recommend if you have not read it.