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Sci-Fi Academy Awards?

Okay, Pat! You got this started!

I’ve LONG been a “non-dues paying” advocate of a Sci-Fi category for the Academy Awards (best Picture and Performance…keep it simple). I think that the addition of a category does nothing but increase the quality of what we see. (Eg. while it wasn’t a movie, but a TV performance, one of the most DRAMATIC performances I’ve seen by any actor was in an epidode of “ST:DS-9”. The actor played the role of an imposter Cardassian butcher, attempting to “atone” for the atrocities of his people on the Bajoran’s. TRULY great acting). Anyway…now that they’ve added an inaugural Animated Film category (which “Shek” won), I think it’s time! (Or is this going to be like bodybuilding getting into the Olympics)?

Your thoughts?

What did I do?! :wink:

I admit ST:DS9 was one of the BEST ST series - ever. But Mufasa, did you see another post of mine that mentioned the current production of Star Trek 10: Nemesis? It does sound really good. Basically the Romulans are the big bads. But I can go on about this one....and I won't.

To understand the Academy, you have to realize that the voting majority of the Academy are....OLD. They're from the old school of thought wher Sci Fi and Fantasy are for kids. Where Steven Spielberg is just a master technician who manipulates and makes movies with "puppets" and "toys". Occasionally, the Academy will "get it right". But mostly, alas, not. Take for instance - Forest Gump winning Best Picture, OVER Shawshank Redemption!? Now, it would have been sweet music if LoTR:Fellowship of the Rings won Best Picture this year. However, I would rather they wait until The Two Towers - where so far, is looking magnificent - and then give Oscar to Peter Jackson. Which they very will might. And it'll be amazing if it happens - cuz, it's fantasy flick that's built around Hobbits, Wizards, Orcs and a silly creature named Gollum. How can a movie like that be considered quality cinema? And that 's how the Academy mostly thinks.

A good sign that things are changing is by the addition of a Best Animated Feature. And I'm so glad that Shrek won! But, a bad sign that the Academy is not going to give up so easily? By giving Best Adapted Screenplay to Akiva Goldsman and NOT Christopher Nolan for Memento. Goldsman is memorable for writing the scripts of Batman 3&4 and Lost In Space.

So, your best bet of a Sci Fi/Fantasy flick winning Best Picture would be The Two Towers or a year later, Return of the King. IMO (humble as always).