Schwin Airdyne Question

I am looking to get a fan bike. Looking at Schwins AD2 or AD6. Does the onboard computer/timer lets you program Tabata intervals in these bikes? Thank you for the help.

Ahh, the schwin! you don’t need to program anything. I used to do these post workout and it really improved my resting heart rate and blood pressure:

  1. 1 minute warm up
  2. Alternate 20 meter sprints with 20 meter rest periods for 10 minutes.
  3. Do this for 10 minutes.

no you cannot program intervals. I assume you know that there’s no resistance levels on an airdyne- the resistance is equal to how hard you push.

now, the screen displays 5 different things- time, calories burned, rpm, distance…and maybe mph?- I have the ad2, other models may display more/less. it automatically switches between these, spending 5 seconds on each before going to the next; I feel like my wording was a little weird- it will show your time for 5 seconds, then calories burned for 5 seconds, then the next for 5…etc. SO- as long as you’re a little less dumb than average, you can use these 5 second display intervals to time your sprint intervals.

*as I sit here thinking about it, it takes 30 seconds to make a full revolution of the display, so if you start at 00:00, by the time it goes through the rest and gets back to the time, it’s showing 00:30, so maybe there’s 6 things displayed? anyway, you can easily use it to time sprints.

Thank you guys for the help.