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Schwarznegger, greatest body ever?

In my opinion his body is as close to perfection that i have ever seen or that i will ever see. The reason i say that is looking at bodybuilders of today, even though they are bigger that Arnold ever was they just look overgrown with muscle everywhere. Just look at their stomach’s, they look like they are pregnant. While on the other hand Arnold just looked like perfection, thats my opinion. What do you think?

I am with you on that one. While I kill to look like the bodybuild of today, I am not willing to be on drugs year round that have not had any long term effects study done. Today bodybuilding seams to be about getting as big as posible.

I definitly like the look of those old time guys
Steve Reeves,Draper,Zane,Nubret to name a few.
Todays pros are amazing but not appealing. Probably the same effect bodybuilders have always had on the general public.I wonder if in time we’ll come to accept the new standard as well.

Ofcourse he had a fantastic physique but I have to agree with ulisses’ choices. I am especially in awe of Frank Zane and Nubret. I prefer these two to Arnold anyday. Arnold had/has a very charismatic personality and great build but I have always thought that his legs were a bit small. I’d love to look half as good as him but his legs were never up to the level of everything else, IMHO.

I don’t like the big legs look. So i put arnold up there with my perfect phisique guys. I would love to have a V taper to my upper body like he did. And and awesome upper back like that.

What about Franco? You know, in the tape Pumping Iron, when Arnie and Franco had a posedown, Franco SHOULD have won! He had no weaknesses and was more musclar.

i’d give surge a slight edge over arnold…i thought he had perfect size, symmetry, and definition. anybody catch that interview he did in i think it was muscle mag, those damn weider’s screwed him over in the 75 olympia

I think Franco Columbu had a much more aesthetic physique, but Arnold was certainly bigger and looked more proportioned on stage. But off the stage, I like Franco’s physique much better. Personally I would take Frank Zane’s look over either one of them. He had exactly the kind of size and symmetry that I want. Any bigger and women start to think you look pretty strange.

Arnold was taller, yes. Another point for Franco: he was damn strong.

Thats what i mean even though Colombu was more muscular, compared to his height he looked too muscular.
Frank Zane was only about 180 pounds wasn’t he?

Sergio Olivia would be my pick.

of todays crop my personal ideal is bill davey by far. hes as close to perfect as your going to get

No disrespect to the mighty Oak-he was awesome-but my all-time best physique pick (in terms of who I would most rather look like) goes to Frank Zane.

I personally like the physiques of Shawn Ray and, in his prime, Rich Garespi. Not very large but proportioned and ripped. Arnold was great for his time but I believe could have looked even better with the knowledge of today.

Frank Zane, Arnie S, Franco C, Samir B. and Ron Jeremy!

Arnold is the best that ever was. End of story. To compare Zane or Franco or Nubret or Oliva to Arnold is ludicrous. Look at Pumping Iron and tell me that Nubret or Columbu are better than Arnold. That’s laughable. Steve Reeves and Grimek are great for naturals. As far as any kind of drug use is involved, Arnold has the edge even over todays bloated freak shows. To paraphrase a famous quote "‘Who do you think’s better, Arnold or Shawn Ray?’ ‘Arnold by a tiny bit.’ ‘Just a tiny bit?’ ‘Well, keep in mind that Arnold’s 50 years old.’ "

I’d have to say its a close call between Arnold and Larry Scott. Granted Arnold was huge, Larry seemed more symmetrical.

Rafeal: I hardly think it’s ludicrous. Arnold himself has stated that he was intimidated by Sergio’s physique. Take a look at Arnold objectively. I think too many people state that he’s “the best ever” simply because that line has been fed to them for years.

Additionally, comparing different bodybuilders, from different eras is pointless. There are entirely different standards and conditions these days. Would those from the past still excell if they were in today’s environment? Maybe yes, maybe no. We’ll never be able to answer that question. We all have out preferences, but there is really no way to compare these people.

Arnold has the best physique ever. It’s a good thing he had that accident when he was young and hurt his knee or his legs would have been as big as Platz’s. Then he wouldn’t have looked as good. As far as the reference to olivia, arnold was intimidated when olivia flared his lats backstage, i wouldn’t go as far as to say that arnold was just in awe of his entire physique. Franco is great but not as good as Arnie. Looking at his life and the things he has overcome, it makes him that much better.

Anyone know exactly how tall Sergio Oliva is?