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Schwarzenegger's All Heart


Schwarzenegger Back at Work After Heart Scare

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzengger meets with advisors after his hospital visit.

SACRAMENTO, California (Dec. 7) - Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sought medical attention for a rapid heartbeat, but was back to work Wednesday after doctors concluded that his heart was functioning normally, his office said.

Spokeswoman Margita Thompson said the governor experienced the rapid heartbeat Tuesday after coming down with a stomach flu. He was taken to the University of California, Davis, Medical Center about midnight after his personal doctor recommended he have the symptoms checked.

He spent several hours in the hospital and was released after doctors determined his heart rate was normal.

"He's feeling fine and working," Thompson said in the statement.

The governor's aides declined to comment further. Susan Marschwab, a spokeswoman for UC Davis Medical Center, referred inquiries to the governor's press office.

Schwarzenegger, 58, had heart surgery in 1997 to repair a hereditary valve problem. An occasional rapid heartbeat is common after that sort of operation, the administration said in its statement.

Schwarzenegger resumed a normal schedule Wednesday, appearing in good health as he met with his top advisers in his office. Later in the day, he and first lady Maria Shriver were scheduled to attend an unveiling of the official portrait of former Gov. Gray Davis in the Capitol.


slow news day or what?


It's a bit shocking that they didn't try to squeeze in a reference to his aas use.

On another note, ya gotta love the heart attack humor in the title.


my heart skipped a beat while reading this, may need to check that out