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Schwarzenegger - One Last Post

This will be my last post on T-Nation.

I chose to make the announcement here since most of my posts are in the steroid forum. I have learned a great deal here and I appreciate those who have contributed during my presence.

As far as why I’m leaving, I have tapped out T-Nation as a resource for information and I have dutifully returned the favor. It is time to move on with the more professional aspects of my life. Speaking of which, my professional career is beginning to open up new opportunities, many of which will take up most of the time I would otherwise use to peruse the forums.

If you have my personal e-mail address I am very open to continuing discussions there (please do not distribute my e-mail if you do have it). I may visit T-Nation to see what’s going on, but I will no longer be logging in, checking PMs, etc.

I wish you all the best with your lives and performance goals.

Sorry to see you go buddy.

Thanks again for the help/advice that you have given to me and others along the way.

Good luck in all future endeavors.

Your knowledge will be missed.

aww damn man! The forum lost another great poster.

Thanks for your help man, I know you helped me out several times and gave me the recipe for a kick ass protein drink.

Thanks for your words of wisdom. I have read many of your posts with great interest. Good luck with you career. I hope everything goes well for you. Hope to see you around forums.


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Schwarz, I’ve learned so much from your contributions here. Thanks.


You will be missed.

Good luck with your career.

Enjoyed a lot of stuff you wrote. Good Luck and best wishes.

That is a desperate shame that we will lose another regular knowledgable top class poster.

All the best Schartz thanks for all the help.

Thanks for the help Schwartz, best of luck in the future.

I’ll continue to lob emails at you, though I’ll try not to get out of hand, lol.

Schwarz, you have contributed many, many, great posts/threads while you’ve been here. You helped me out beyond all expectations from me, and have been, and continue to be, a great friend of mine. It’s a notable loss to the site, but I completely understand and empathize with your reasons.

I know you’ll be a great success wherever your career takes you. Great attitude, great intelligence, go a long, long way in achieving “success”. You’ve got both.

Thanks so much for taking over where Bushy left off in dealing with my relentless, and unorganized manner of question after question on the many topics we’ve covered together. You saved my dumb ass on many an occasion, lol.
Seriously though, I’ve learned an incredible amount of things from you, all delivered with an incredible amount of patience and understanding.

Wishing you all the best,


I’ve found your contributions here to be most valuable.

Since the current forum has pretty much gone to shit, I’ve been spending some time researching through some older threads. Your posts are always informed, on point and respectful.

Thank you.

Best of luck in all of your endeavors.


[quote]Schwarzenegger wrote:
As far as why I’m leaving, I have tapped out T-Nation as a resource for information and I have dutifully returned the favor.[/quote]

You certainly have, my friend.

Best of luck in all your future efforts and many thanks for all the wisdom you’ve shared here over the years.

never feels right when a good one leaves…Man…your knowledge, and cador will be missed. bets of luck in all future endeavers.

Good for you; sad for us.
All the best Schwarz

I kind of felt this was coming but you always hope you’re wrong. The place won’t be the same without you.

As everyone has said, I also have learned a lot from you. And as Tone said, I will try not to pester you with emails…but no promises. hehe

just want to say thank you for all you’ve done and contributed. Very much appreciated by many including myself. sad day in the steroid forum.

Damnation. I am sad. Well sir, you have been most helpful to many many people here, myself included. Wish you the best and the brightest future, both professionally and training-wise. I suppose at some point all good things must end.

Thanks for everything man.

All the best Schwarz. Good luck and I, as others have also said, will miss your posts.