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Schwarzenegger Encyclopedia?


What do you guys think about the Arnold S. Encyclopedia's work out plan? It's a great book, but I've read in current magazines that most body builders work each body part once a week instead of twice a week as prescribed in Arnold's book.

What do you guys do?

I've been using the Encyclopedia based work out, but it doesn't leave me with enough time to do abs and cardio. So I'm considering working each body part once a week to leave time for cardio and abs.

I want to start some cardio to lose some body fat, for the spring and summer months.



I have the Encycolpedia as well. It's a great tool for a point of reference. As for the cardio and abbs I found the same problem on trainning everything twice a week so I started doing cardio and abbs first thing in the morrning, ussualy takes 35 to 40 minutes.


Well when I was starting out, I bought that encyclopedia and followed the workout too so I won't rip on you for it, too much. This is a pretty stupid question to post on this site and shows how little you read the articles but I'll try to explain. Some others might not be so nice and I can't blame them.

  1. Arnold was on AAS.

  2. Arnold had super genetics.

  3. That's probably not how he really trained anyway.

Consider all three of these points closely. Now, unless you have god-like recovery ability, there's no way this program will work for you. You'll be overtrained for sure. Unless you live in prison and work in the kitchen (AND have god-like recovery ability).


OK so I take it most of you don't do the twicw a week training. My recovery is fast, with the exception of legs. No flaming is needed. I'm an idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about and has no bussiness even being on here.

So there I did for you.


Go to the left of your screen and start reading the articles!

ton's of training info all of it much more up to date and with a more sound basis then arnolds book.

I only know one person who has had success with following the training from arnolds encyclopedia, and it is safe to say he is a genetic freak.


Not the best of books to buy. There are a lot of books out there that are cheaper and have better info


I knew/know a few guys who had this book, got some results when they very first started training, and still swear by it 4/5 years later.

Guess what, those guys have not added a SINGLE pound to their bodies nor have they gotten ANY stronger. I call that stagnation, which probably sucks for them.

ALTHOUGH, I would like express one caveat of information, which is that their diets all SUCK. They don't have a single F-ing clue when it comes to optimizing nutrition, which I sure might have a little to do with their progress... or lack thereof.

If you do continue on Ahnold's plan for any length of time, make sure you're nutrition is in line and report back to us, I'm interested to see how it works on someone who actually eats properly.


Idiot? Post more, then I'll decide.

No business being here? Definitely not. I'm glad you're here actually.

Most people here would agree that training a body part more than once a week isn't a problem, as long as you keep the volume in check. However, the volume that's outlined in the training program in that book is ridiculously high.

I suggest you post the actual program on here so you'd get better feedback.


Arnold's "Education of a Bodybuilder" is way better. Everyone should read it.



Some of the stuff in Arnolds Book might be somewhat outdated, but its still a really valuable resource. I assume you are talking about the New Encyclopedia.

Maybe the workouts arent everyones cup of tea, and the nutritional information is outdated and somewhat old school, but the information on various lifts is invaluable.

I certainly dont think its the best FIRST book you could have, but it goes well beyond just training principles.

Whoever those arent the workouts Arnold used is probably VERY right. Different things work for different people. Arnold is a freak.(In a good way)



look, the workouts suck! BUT the book is awesome

awesome photos and great description of many exercises

and it is pretty damn cheap on amazon


Wow I was surprised I wasn't flamed to death. Because of my work schedule, my time is limited to after work, evening workouts. I work sometimes 7 days a week.

Don't get me wrong I'd love to quit my job and live at the gym full time but I still need to pay my mortgage and things of that nature.

Back to the subject at hand.

So I'll agree the New Encyclopedia is some what out dated, but it still has a ton of illustrations that come in handy when looking for new exercises.

Now I've put together a new plan. Here is the proposed program. This is not concrete just a rough draft.

I purposely put legs on Friday, because I have the less amount of time on that particular day. I left out dead lifts because of an injury. But I have stiff legged dead lifts because it doesnt bother the injury.

Here it is

Monday-Chest-Calves-Cardio (ideas for chest please add)
Bench Press
Incline Bench
Pec-Fly incline
Pec-Fly flat

Heavy Curls (straight bar)
Seated incline curls
And a few other bicep exercises haven't decided yet
Weighted Dips
Skull crusher
Close Grip Press
Seated tricep extension (with dumbbell)
And various other cable exercise.
(won't do dips and and close grip on same day, will alternate every other week))

Pull ups
Close grip pull downs
T-bar rows
Bent-over rows
Seated cable rows

Military Press
Push Press
Front dumbbell raises
Upright rows
Ideas please for side delt

Friday-Legs-lower back
Leg press
Good morning (every other week hyper extension on off week)
Leg extensions
Leg curls
Straight legged dead lift (every other week)

Again this is not concrete just a rough draft. If you have any questions or ideas please add.



It's not like I missed with his work out. I get compliments from people often about the progess I'm making and that I'm looking pretty big.


The pictures in the book are priceless, especially the one of Arnold at 18 after only 2 years of lifting. Incredible genetics. Not to say he didn't work his ass off though.


The volume in there will have a natural and average guy sore for days.


I am going to be trying a variation of the beginer work out in this book. I like the way it hits everything twice in a week, as I recover easily and tend to feel that hitting a muscle group once a week hasn't done much for me.
Now I am not doing the volume that Arnie sugguests cause, for one I don't want to spend 2hrs in a gym everyday.
So this is what I plan on starting on monday see how yuou like it;

Monday: Chest & Back

Bench Press (12,10,8,6)
Inc. DB Press (8,8,8)
Cable Flies (8,8,8)
Pull Ups (12,10,8,6)
Seated Free Row (8,8,8)
1 Arm DB Row (8,8,8)

Tuesday: Shoulder, Arms

Military Press (12,10,8,6)
Bent Over Lat. (8,8,8)
Chin Ups (12,10,8,6)
Hammer Curls (8,8,8)
Dips (12,10,8,6)
Tricep Pushdowns (8,8,8)

Wednesday: Legs

Squats (12,10,8,6)
Leg Press (8,8,8)
Leg Ext (8,8,8)
Ham. Curls (12,10,8,6)
Stand Calf (12,12,12)
Ab Work to Suit

Thursday: Chest & Back

Inc. Bench (12,10,8,6)
Dec. Bench (8,8,8)
Lying Cable Flies (8,8,8)
Seated Row (12,10,8,6)
Rev. Grip Pulldown (8,8,8)
Rev. Flies (8,8,8)

Friday: Shoulder, Arms

Behind Neck Pr. (12,10,8,6)
Lat. Raises (8,8,8)
Preacher Curls (12,10,8,6)
St. Rev. Grip Curls (8,8,8)
Close Grip Bench (12,10,8,6)
Skull Crushers (8,8,8)

Saturday: Legs

Deadlifts (8,6,6,4)
Lunges (8,8,8)
Ham. Curls (12,10,8,6)
Stand. Calf (12,12,12)
Seat. Calf (12,12,12)
Ab Work to Suit


I must admit that I too bought that book and read it religously when I first started training. I made descent gains too for the first summer I did the prescrbed workouts. However, like the others said it is just too much. The splits/volume is ridiculous. Just search this site and you'll be amazed with some of the programs you find. Many of which have you spending less time in the gym, but more productive time. In summary princles in book are great, workouts a little unrealistic.


I agree. It's a great book to own but the programs aren't realistic in the slightest. Waaay too much volume.


I flipped through the book in the book store a few times, and it does have good info, and the pictures are awe-inspiring. But I did take a glance at some of the workouts and I was like "WTF?". I personally don't like long workouts, so yeah, not my cup of tea.

But I can't wrap my head around working the body as parts. I usually like to think of working the body in movements, and just getting better/stronger/better enduring at those movements, and I'll get bigger. Very neat book though still.


2 days ? I do all parts 5 days a weak with great improvement.But it doesnt seem like anyone more then me do that, is there anyone out there that does that ? :smiley: