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Schroeder/Evo Sport Training

I went through all the forum archives on Archuleta’s training with Schroeder and it seemed as though you three knew a lot about the EvoSport system.
I have not been able to find anything that outlines the program clearly. If you could provide the information you have about this system it would be greatly appreciated.

All Schroeder has done is taken information derived from mostly soviet and eastern training methods and devised them into his own system. I really don’t know if his system has a yearly progression and how it is set up but it obviously works. Evidently he uses a lot of concentrated loading and shock plyometrics for the entire body. You can buy a copy of “Supertraining” and although it is quite a read all of the information Schroeder is using is in there. Sorting it all out is the difficult part.

Coach shroeder training principles are no secret.He had alot of articles published in MuscleMag in the early 90’s and wrote an interesting power/mass booklet for a supplement company called Atletika.His stuff is very good but I feel his workouts demand a lot of planning and care (timing exercise, eccentrics,plyos,etc) so people probably wont do that type of training anyways because of laziness.

Is there someone out there who alread sorted out the info.??? And could share it with us please!

Does Supertraining include descriptions of the plyometric movements with weights (i.e. plyo benches) that Schroeder uses? Does it offer information on how to incorporate these movements into a larger plan?

Do you know where I can find these old articles or the pamphlet you spoke of? I would be willing to take the time to set up the workouts if I just had the information to do it with.

I’m also intrested in this supertraining book,

I am hardly and expert on Coach Schroeder’s training. I became interested in learning more about how he designs programs based on the ESPN piece on Adam Archuleta that aired around the time Archuleta was drafted by the Rams. There was also a discussion about coach Schroeder at the Supertraining group. I tracked down some information about coach Schroeder on the internet and dug up his e-mail address. When I e-mailed him to ask him some questions that the Supertrainers had about his training methods, he e-mailed me back with his cell phone number and I chatted with him for an hour or so. He provided a lot of information in this discussion, but much of it was over my head, frankly. I do know that he does not pretend to have come up with any new technique per se. He said that he has read all the same information that Louie Simmons has, he is just applying it in a very different way. If you want information directly from the source, instead of my sub-par interpretation of what he told me, I suggest that you try to contact Coach Schroeder directly through evo-sport, or (with a little digging on your part) through e-mail and/or telephone. I promised Coach Schroeder that I would not give this information out, so I cannot provide it to you. I believe that coach Schroeder is also affiliated with a website that has the name of fasterathlete dot com or something to that effect. I hope this helps.

Matt, good to see you’re still lurking about! I haven’t seen your name in ages, but your posts were always most informative and appreciated. I know you probably only responded to this thread because you were called out by name, but it’d be great if this were a sign that you were going to resume your old contributory habits. Still training at Crunch in WeHo?

I haven’t been around the forum for some time, so it was only by chance that I stopped by and saw a post directed to me by name. I will certainly be stopping by and reading or at least participating more now that I see that Christian Thibaudeau is posting on this forum. I greatly respect Christian’s knowledge and the information he provides. It is a credit to T-mag that he is a contributor. I am also more interested in t-mag now that it has taken more interest in posting more articles and thus apwning more discussions about athletic-type training and olympic lifting and their variants since I am very interested in this though I am still a novice. I look forward to Christian’s article regarding a hybrid OL/PL program.

With respect to Crunch, yeah, I am nominally a member of the gym, but of late my work life has been so incredibly hectic (not normal hectic, I mean 7 days a week working past 10 pm most nights with several all-nighters every month), that training has been sporadic at best. I am finally biting the bullet and looking for another job that allows some semblence of a life outside the office. All I want is enough time to workout, pay my bills, eat regularly (maybe even occasionally getting to cook for myself again), get 8 hours of sleep, see my girl friend from time-to-time and have an weekend off now and again. Is that really too much to ask? Anyway, thanks for the kudos, and with any luck, my posts will be popping up again here at t-mag on a regular basis.

Supertraining has all the info. in there on various upper body and lower body plyometrics. Another useful source I’ve found is Bompas periodization training for sports. Also anything by Zatsiorsky. Bompa, however, follows the traditional periodization scheme. The plyometrics and power section in bompas book is awesome. If you can learn and master the principles derived from a source such as supertraining, then the specifics come rather easy. I took a solid week and read through supertraining twice and then took a whole notebook full of notes on everything related to speed strength. After doing this and then seeing some of Schroeder’s stuff, it is quite easy to understand the why’s and how’s of his program. The what’s are kind’ve left open to interpretation.

Do you know anything about the new edition of Supertraining? I noticed only Siff’s name is on the cover. Does this mean the content contributed by Verkhoshansky in earlier editions has been removed?

I really don’t know but somehow if anything I think the information in the book would be expanded with each addition.

That’s what I would think too, but it made me suspicious to see only Siff’s name on the cover. I guess I’ll ask Dave Tate.

I have the 2000 and 1998 editions. The later one doesn’t have Verkhoshansky on it, but the material has not been diminished.

Dr. V. did not write Supertraining, his english is poor, he communicated knowledge to Dr. Siff who would include it in Supertraining.

Archuletta has emerged as a great athlete,and i love this type of training cause you feel the muscles just working and reacting, and the soreness is not felt because the volume is not as high. Anyone have suggestions as to a list of what exercises jay schroeder uses in a training program like archuletta’s?