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Schools Ban Homemade lunches



Seeing this is a bodybuilding site, I am surprised not to see this yet.

Who the hell do these people think they are. I can guarantee the lunches my children bring in are much more nutritious than those provided by the school.

Not only that, but isn't this a violation of anti-trust and monopoly laws. Using legislation to eliminate all the competition.

In some of the stories I read about 30% of the students refuse to eat because of this.

Yet again the state violating the rights of parents and the rights of children through the cover of the education system.


Public schools: the place you send your children to learn how to obey orders.


I though that's what the Marines was for? Works pretty well for most kids...


I agree this is ridiculous and terrible.

It does frustrate me to think about shitty parents packing their kids coke and twinkies for lunch everyday, though.


By time most public school children would get to the USMC they already know not to question authority. The USMC is a little different in that the orders followed are to kill on command.


I read that article yesterday, these kids are prisoners, schools like this already have uniforms that are required, most require a clear backpack, some even don't allow children to bring things to school(no homework issued either), and now they cannot bring food, and parents are required to purchase all of this from the Chicago Public School System.


Yeah, that frustrates me too, but it is the parent's RIGHT to decide what is acceptable for their kid, not the State's. The atrocity committed by the State far far outweighs my disagreement with kids' parents' nutritional decisions.

I hope they fight that shit and win.


If the lunch is free aka the parents doesnt pay, than I dont see the problem. And milk owns coke everyday.


Another slice as Liberty continues it's death of a thousand cuts.


Some parents will pay more because their kids don't qualify for the free meal plans.

And it should be obvious to everyone on this board that the school's policy won't mean jack shit for the kids' overall health--you could eat one healthy meal a day but screw up by eating junk for breakfast and dinner.

I'd only expect public schools to come up with something as idiotic as this. I was sent to the principal's office once for using the faculty bathrooms because our bathrooms were locked between classes--about the only free time to take a piss.

And the bigger issue here deals with parental responsibility and the freedom to eat whatever the hell you want. I mean seriously.


I'd like to see the mods move this to GAL to get a wider array of opinions. Not a lot of people actually come into PWI.


Shitcago. Why am I not surprised?


In addition to what crenshaw said, this is primarily about responsibility and FREEDOM. Some people are always going to be fuck-ups, no matter how many regulations you make or how little choice you give them. It's just the way things are in the real world, and that includes parents.

HOWEVER, the biggest issue here is the freedom to raise your kids as you see fit, including what you believe as the legal guardian is ok for them to eat and drink. It is not for the State to become a substitute parent in the stead of those people that brought a child into the world in the first place!

It is not ok to take away parents' choices and authority because of the fear of a few fuck-up legal guardians.


Ah well...

Wait for it...




But he lives in a country with a different background. Where they are subject to the UN CRC. Parental rights do not exist, and as much as many will fight this point true freedom in choice does not exist.

Kind of like growing up here we take others perspectives for granted, we don't give a second thought to being free to make our own choices, others have the same trained feelings for others providing them things and there being no choice.


Here in California, we have a "Kids get a free lunch program."

It's not named that literally, but public schools give free lunches, another social program so that kids get at least one free meal and no one goes hungry. So what happened? Kids are fat as fuck, the food is cheap processed bullshit. So now we have kids who don't speak English, who drop out, and are fat and sick.

Yay for letting the government run shit.


Im suprised this is news the powers that be have been doing this for years in the Alabama public school system. Which more or less explains the high rate of childhood obesity in Alabama, most food served at public schools contain a shit ton of fat, macaroni and cheese and cardboard pizza do not a healthy body make.


I graduated high school last year, the lunch I remember most people buying looked like this:

Chocolate Milk (read: Corn Syrup Milk)
Canned Fruit cocktail (with whipped cream on top)
Cheeseburger and fries (Whole Wheat buns thogh, so it's WAY healthier... rolls eyes...)
Cookie and/or Pop-tart (...)

My GF, who luckily was somehow blessed with amazing genetics to be sexy in spite of diet would get:

tray of lettuce with 2 carrot sticks

I eventually had to stop eating lunch with her because it pained me so much to watch, and I would get mad and start arguments with her.


Demand a kosher lunch, then. Would cost millions to retrofit and seperate the kitchen.


Two weeks ago I saw a bunch of USA Marines doing fake beach landings with IDF Marines near a tourist area down in south Israel. Coordinating close air support with both airforces --- all F-16s, so I presume USAF and IAF.

The spectical was scaring the shit out of the arabs, and started a "Jews and Americans are going to invade Libya rumor."

FWIW, I told an Eqyptian welder that to become a US Marine you have to kill one of your parents. He believed me and left even more scared.