Schoolhouse Rock!

You know, sometimes the “little” things make me SO happy! LIKE finding out that Schoolhouse Rock (them Saturday morning TV bits of “Conjunction Junction”, “I’m Just a Bill”, “Three is a Magic Number” that ran from 1973 to hmmm, mid '80s) is being released on DVD!

Woo hoo! I just think this would be a nice gift for someone like me that LOVED these "tidbits", more so than the "buy this sugar ladden cereal" commercials, during my Saturday morning cartoons when I was a kid. Wait....I'm still a kid :-) Order your copy here: ASIN/B00005JKTY//102-9541299-4357743 (eliminate the space at "/" and "ASIN"). Have a great day, y'all!

I have the whole set on video (I have two kids). My wife likes them more than my kids, but even my 2 1/2 year old can sing “Electricity, Electricity”.

Just don’t go see the musical (live action) version. It sucks bigtime.

You have just given away your age…

the Disney store even has a lithograph that comes with it I believe, I’m getting my copy from there.

pat: I’ve never been ashamed of my age! I’m still TOO young to worry about it! Yup,in my mid-thirties. And proud to say, that I can still recite MANY of Schoolhouse Rock’s tunes.

Michelle: I'm going to have to check out the Disney store, then.

I’m only 22, but I’ve heard of schoolhouse rock.

Doesn’t really matter how old you are…you look like a teenager.

Yep, I knew for two months. Finally the wait is over on Tuesday.