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School Sucks.


Yeah I fucking hate college. It's so boring and I'm just sick of it. I have 39 hours left before I graduate. I feel I'll never make it through. Too bad most of the good jobs require a bachelors.


Quit bitching and get through it. I did, so no excuses.

What's your point?


I'll eventually get done.

Point is it sucks.. ya know?


If college sucks, then you're doing it wrong.

Unless your college is some sort of a hell-hole in the middle of some god-forsaken town, you should be taking advantage of a decent dining hall plan, decent training facilities, intellectually challenging classes, and young freshmen girls with very low moral fortitude.

Instead, here you are... bitching on an internet forum.

Time to man up, maybe?


haha, i feel ya bro.


Sociology major?


College is a sick joke unless you study a hard science. Everything else is pure fluff.


I will be 26 by the time I get my bachelors (took a little time off). And if I decide to get a Masters, even with the accelerated program my college offers, I will be 27 by the time I finish... And then I will have a good year or two to work before the end of the world, according to the Mayans. :smiley:


Double. Finance and Accounting. Graduated 2008.

...and I liked it so much I'm going back next year for my MBA.

Did I mention I'm not yet 22 years old?

...Yes, that was a blatant boast. Forgive me.


Damn that's disgusting. Things are a lot easier when you like your classes...not to take anything away from you.

Props though, anyone who gets an accounting degree put in some serious work.


Nothing good comes easily.


Dude you're almost there, just stick with it...this is coming from a freshman biological engineer at an ivy...hope doesn't come cheap here lol :-p


Very nice on the double major but I would strongly recommend waiting a few more years to do your MBA.

A MBA is a great career move but ONLY once you've gained significant experience in the field of management you want to move into (I'm guessing finance). You need to be able to bring something to the table.

Being not even 22, you are not going to be able to do that. You won't be able to say:

"Ah yes, I can identify with this particular problem as I was team leader of...." or "This occured often within this frame work..."

Heck, most of the TOP MBA's dont let people in without at least 4 years work experience and you'll find still that the average age is 29. (More like 40 for Exec. MBA) (Wharton, London Business School, Insead, HEC Paris, Harvard, Columbia, NYU Stern, IMD .... )

An MBA isn't just academic. It's a professional degree. Much like a good MSc. Finance.

Just my .02 but hey, well done anyway. Good luck.




Depends on goals... If your single and will be living the bachelor life for a bit, definitely work for a year or two before getting the masters. If you have a lady your looking at tying the knot with, go to school first.

My wife and I are both looking at getting our masters (MSW for her, MBA for me), and the planning has been a pain in the ass, and we still don't know if we'll be able to work it out. Between time and money it gets harder when you have to worry about caring for someone other than yourself



Im gratulatid Peeskool!


meh, undergrad was easy... I miss those days, a few hours of class interupting skirt chassing, drinking, lifting, and just general uselessness... if you cant enjoy undergrad you have a problem..... or picked a field for the money instead of what you love...

and I dont feel sorry for anyone about time put it... I'll be lucky if I graduate with my PhD before I am 30, but hell, even with the crazy amount of hours you put in as a graduate student, I love what I do.... so its all worth it...



IMO, Swiss speaks the truth. I did my MBA right after my BSc. Good experience but, in retrospect, I would have pulled more from the program if I had a few years of real-world work experience under my belt. Experience gives you a framework for translating the material. And, it also gives you the ability to question, participate and provide meaningful feedback rather than trying to merely absorb as much as you can.


Had I not started a BS in Physics, I would have graduated in 7 semesters (today, actually) with a double major in Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering. At 21 yo.

It sounds like you had a lot more fun than I did, though.

Good luck with your MBA.


try being an architecture major. everything i did for five years was graded subjectively. even if you though you did great, if the profs and critics didn't agree, you lost.