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School Selling Old Rack of Dumbbells

My university bought a new rack of DBs this past week. One of my friends is buddies with the rec center manager, and said that the old rack is going to get sold for 400 bucks. This includes sizes (15-130)lbs. with doubles of everything up to 70. I’m not sure how practical it would be to have a whole freaking rack in my house, but it is kinda tempting…Any thoughts?

Damn, if you got the space and money, why not?

Depends how much that would usually go for, I suppose.

Brand new I believe the set sold for $1 per pound. This is a hell of alot more then 400 pounds.

Get it, you can NOT beat a deal that good.

I bet you could make a decent pile of money reselling the ones you don’t want or don’t have space for too.

Dumbells arent heavy enough to be useful for much of anything.

I wouldent. Its a good deal, but really what are you going to do with them ?

Ya if I were you I would definitely consider it. Maybe even look into cleaning them up a bit if their in bad shape and try reselling them to make some money.

Do it. Do it NOW.

Around here I believe Play It Again Sports pays something like 25 cents a pound regardless of condition. Judging from the rusted out used plates they sell retail, you would not need to fear condition being unacceptable.

Sounds like you have:

10 sets of 4 that each sum to 85 lb, thus 850 lb in the DB’s that run 15-70 and are doubled.

(E.g., a pair of 15’s with a pair of 70’s sums to 85; so does a pair of 20’s and a pair of 65’s, etc.)

Assuming the weight interval remains only 5 lb instead of jumping to 10 lb intervals past say 100 lb, you also have 5 pairs that sum to 200 lb, thus another 1000 lb; and an additional 130 lb db.

So 1980 lb. Or a bit less if there are no 105’s, 115’s, etc, or if I have miscalculated (possible as I am not bothering with a calculator.)

(EDIT: Oops, an additional PAIR of 130 lb DB’s. So I suppose 2110 lb if the weight interval remains 5 lb.)

At 25 cents a lb, if you get that, about $500.

Of course I’d hang onto it if having room for it. You’ll be unlikely to be able to buy again at that price.

My point rather is that you really ought to be able to recover the money if need be.

Bill brings the perfect point to the table - it’s win-win!

Do it.

Where are you in PA?
eastern or western
Buy it if you like and I would buy the duplicates…

or buy it its a steal, and resell the duplicates or what you wont/cant use.

That is a ridiculous, once in a lifetime deal. Dumbells aren’t cheap. You could sell the duplicates and have a nice advance towards a good power rack and bench. With that you have a fully functioning weightroom at home. I would KILL to have that offered to me. KILL.

That’s an amazing deal.

You could easily resell it for double.

I’d keep it though.

[quote]Westclock wrote:
Dumbells arent heavy enough to be useful for much of anything.

I wouldent. Its a good deal, but really what are you going to do with them ?[/quote]

sarcasm i hope! haha…

OP DO IT! i got my rack for around that price…my rack went from 25-90lb…you definitely have a deal with that (im assuming the dbs will come with the rack as well)…youll use them as much as anything else you could ever buy!

Thats a sick deal. I wouldnt think twice about doing it. I would MAKE room for that shit.

Oh I read it as only going up to 70’s.

Singles to 130 is slightly more useful.

But still.

Unless you want to resell it, its not that useful.

You really can’t beat a deal like that. Having a huge home gym like that is a dream of mine.

Plus just think of the badass workouts you get just out of transport/setup

yeah go for it. you could wait a bit for the right buyer and make a few bucks at the least.

Where in PA are you? I’ll give you $600 for it.