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School Requirements

Hi everyone hopefully you all could answer a question. I am planning on transferring to a University soon, however a requirement is community service, a job, or so on. The problem is that I will be taking 7 classes in the fall which would not allow for a job.

What I was thinking of doing is raising money for a charity (Cancer Research) and stating that on my trasnfer application. Is this illegal? Most people I have asked have said no but, some had said it is. Some people have even said that I could do it and keep 15% of the money raised. I live in California if it matters. I have checked websites but, they just state the requirements to become an established charity.

how is it illegal to donate money?

i thought you needed good grades, hight sat/act, and have played a sport

[quote]LiveFromThe781 wrote:
how is it illegal to donate money?[/quote]

hes not…i think he is saying he wants to become a charity, colect money and keep upt o 15% lol

Man,just do some community service, jesus christ. You have to fill out plenty of paperowkr to become a real charity, not just some guy wanting to get into school lol

A lot of schools understand the needs of different students and their schedules. Some that want you to play a sport or volunteer or anything don’t care that you don’t have that if you had to work your way through school. And by the same hand some might understand that if your taking 7 classes a semester that you don’t have the time to do anything else.

Perhaps your should call the admissions office of the university your looking to transfer to.

just go to the local homeless shelter and do some work there…quick and easy

did you look into Year One?

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quick and easy [/quote]

just like your mom


I’m sure there are outlets at whatever community college you’re at such that you can find volunteer opportunities. Did they say how many hours they wanted? It’d be no problem to knock out 30-50 hours of service. There’s 168 hours in a week.

A couple questions.

What university requires you to have a job or do community service? Also, how in the world do youplan to pass / actually learn the material when your taking 7 classes in a semester??

What the hell? what school are YOU going to?

[quote]Ratchet wrote:
A couple questions.

What university requires you to have a job or do community service? Also, how in the world do youplan to pass / actually learn the material when your taking 7 classes in a semester??[/quote]

A good amount of them do I believe, its not technically required at most but they tell you it certainly helps your chances on getting in.

And some people can just take that many classes and learn the material, especially if they have some sort of background with the information. I’m taking 6 classes this semester and plan on taking 8 in the next few.

Sorry for not explaining correctly. First off, I got out of highschool early at the moment I attend a community college and to trasnfer I need extra cirricular activities. I was unable to take classes for a couple of semesters (family/money issues) so I had to take more classes than usual to apply this fall. I ask if it is illegal because I am not donating my own money.

What I planned on doing was going to on one of those fundraising websites and ordering from there. However they ask for your organizations name, I am not a part of one. So I thought I could just make up a name, order the products, sell them and donate the money. Most people said that it it legal because you are donating to a real charity. I am really raising money on their behalf, it’s just that it sounds like it would not be.

The reason I asked about the 15% is that if it is allowed I could ask local highschool students to help out. That way I can raise more money and pay them a bit as well.

in response to the ops newest post…

sounds legit to me… when it asks for your companies name just say your doing private fundraising for “insert name of charitable society here”…

I have no idea about the 15% limit, I’m sure there is a law you could look up somewhere…

Honestly though, just doing a few hours service at a good will, old folks home (best choice), or at a soup kitchen would be easier… The old folks home would be best choice as they appreciate it the most…

GL on taking that many classes, I have had a few semesters with 18 to 21 credits and those sucked soo much…

Thanks, I live in California and have been searching for any information on this but I can not find anything. All I can find are the requirements to able to hold a raffle, and the steps a group would have to take to become a legit charity. People have gave me numbers that range from 10-15% and on a site it said that certain professioanl groups that are hired by charities have keopt as much as 45%. Any help would be great.

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fighting_fires wrote:
quick and easy

just like your mom


ggggoooooooodddddd oooooonnnnneeeeee!!!