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School Paper

Hello everyone Im doing a school paper on weight training and i just wanted to ask opinions on things i should include in my paper. This paper is for my body conditioning class and its an extra credit assignment.

How about listing the benefits of weight training? That strikes me as important…

[quote]GerardoGGA wrote:
Hello everyone Im doing a school paper on weight training and i just wanted to ask opinions on things i should include in my paper. This paper is for my body conditioning class and its an extra credit assignment.[/quote]

As was already said, deffinately include the benefits. But maybe also add a few of your favorite exercises, importance of core lifts… and a few different examples of good programs. Hope that helps.


thanks guys i wil definately include all those … the paper is due tommorow i will post it when i am done.

Would this do?

[center]school paper on wieght training[/center]

[center]be Gerardo Gaga[/center]

[center](for extra credits)[/center]

wieght training has many benefits, such as lifting a lot of woeght. it is also a grate way to visit ghyms. ghyms are places where peeple go to lift wieghts and weight train. weight trainign as many benefts as discus’d prviously.

a few of my favorietes ecxercises are the barbel and the dumbel. doing both is important for balance develpment. my mom also says that i must excersice judgment but that is a very advance excercise. udder excercuse are the bitch press the dudelift n the squack. also abz crunts and flies and the pecadec. if u meat a swede trainer ask to use is swiss balls it is very poplar rite now. lift waigt during you stand on is balls.

it is also very importance of the core lift. alsway carry a core and lift it often. my favorite is the marine core. stumper fee!!!1!!1!!

i leave you know with a few of my favrites programs. my favrotis program is solitaire because i can win that game often. i also like micorsotf word becauze it makes me writtee good.

[center]the end[/center]

P.S. do not forget to put the extra credit in me.

lol pookie yours is pretty good but i think mines better

Over the course of my freshman year I have gained much knowledge on weight training. I am currently taking a body conditioning course which I have learned information on weight training. For the past couple days I have researched weight training and have learned a ton of new information including, different exercises, the benefits of weight training, effective weight training programs, and many tips that will lead to effective weight training. 
There are many exercises in weight training to help develop all different muscles. There are 2 different types of exercises in weight training, isolation exercises, as well as compound exercises. Your body consists of many different muscles including your neck, traps, shoulders, chest, triceps, biceps, forearms, abs, quads, lats, middle back, lower back, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. There is different weight training exercises for each different body part. Popular weight training exercises include the bench press, dead lift, barbell curl, chin ups, weighted dips, and many more. My personal favorite exercises are the flat bench press, and dumbbell curls. 
When weight lifting there is many tips and rules to abide by that will lead to effective weight training and desired physique. Proper form is key when lifting weights. Before one adds weights to their exercise it is necessary they know the proper form to do that exercise. As I stated there are 2 types of weight training exercises, compound lifts, and isolation lifts. It is important when lifting weights one tries to stick to compound lifts as they are much more effective then isolation lifts. When weight training creating goals can be very helpful. In anything you do creating goals is very helpful as it will give you motivation. Having short and long term goals will help one succeed and stay motivated when weight training. Nutrition is a significant part to weightlifting. If one does not maintain a healthy nutrition while weight lifting there gains will be very minimal. Always stay healthy when weightlifting to make sure you are getting the maximum gains possible. It is very important when weightlifting to not over train. To not over train one must get proper rest which includes 8 hours of sleep every night as well as a couple days off a week. During workouts one must make sure to only train one large muscle group per workout, as training 2 can lead to overtraining and ineffective training. Last but definitely not least always make sure to have a spotter when lifting weights which will greatly reduce the chance of injury. 
After learning different weight lifting exercises and weight training tips I learned many effective weight training programs. When weight training it is very important to have a program you can stick to and will work for you. In researching I found many very effective weight training programs. Out of all the programs my favorite was Chad Waterbury?s anti body-building hypertrophy program. This program is a 23 day routine for beginners, intermediates, and advanced lifters. This program is designed to gain a ton of muscle mass.  This amazing routine with promising results can be found at http://www.t-nation.com/findArticle.do?article=244anti2 .
I chose to research Weight Training and found a ton of very helpful and interesting information. I learned many different weight lifting exercises, many tips that lead to successful weight lifting workouts, and many amazing workout programs. After learning all this information I know I am ready to head to the gym and get started. 

Looks pretty good…Make sure you go back and proof read it, I saw a few grammatical errors.

Bitch press and dudelift. Priceless.