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School or Job?


I was notified today that I am one of a dozen students who have been accepted into Graduate program. It?s a two year boot camp; if you complete it, you get an MFA degree and are able to teach among other things.

I graduated from college as an undergrad a year and a half ago. I had a very difficult time finding a full-time job. I went on two interviews and things just weren?t going my way. As a student, I interned for a very big company ; they offered me a part time gig (couple days a week) after graduation. While working part time, I decided I may as well go back to school since I wasn?t able to land my dream job. I studied for the GRE?s, and eventually submitted my application.

Approximately six months ago, someone quit, and the company asked me to work five days a week instead of two. The work I was doing was a dream come true, and I really learned a lot. The company decided not to replace the person who quit, but instead allow people like myself and a few others to share the hours. I was told that nothing is guaranteed, but eventually I may get a chance to work full-time. I was just glad to be working, and doing what I loved.

Within the last two months, I have been working on a part time basis. I have been told that I will know before the end of the summer whether the company plans to offer me a full time position or not.

The place where I am now is my dream gig. After finishing Grad school, this would be something I would kill to do. The only issue is the uncertainty and whether they want me.

I think my experience at this company had something to do with me being accepted to the graduate program.

Financially I am OK. I will get paid by the graduate program; I'll be assisting Undergrads while also basking in the knowledge.

I?m stuck between a rock and a hard place. The Graduate program officials have given me two weeks to let them know whether I am accepting my seat in the program. At work, the people who will make the decision whether to hire me or not have not told me one way or the other.

Would I be off-base if I talked to my boss about this? I am 90% sure his response will be that they haven't made a decision yet, and I should do what I want.


I would never pass up the oppurtunity to increase my knowledge especially if I can make a career out of it. You are in a situation and look like you've weighed some of the issues. I would come up with a convincing way to discuss this with your boss and let him know that you are not only interested in your position at the company but have the ability to attend Grad school. Maybe he will let you know maybe he won't. You should at least try discussing it with him. Also you never know, the boss might be pleased with your desire to learn and might decide to keep you on or give you a position within the company after you complete the program. I say talk to him.


I did the whole pros and cons deal.

My main concern is that if I go to Grad school, not only will I lose out on the full-time gig but I may never reach this type of position ever again.

I hope it's worth the risk.


If the company won't commit to you pick grad school.

Don't hang out in the hopes that they will hire you full time.

Once companies go the "multiple part timers in a full timers place" they usually go down hill. Don't go down with them.


First, you don't have the full-time gig. You might, maybe, if they decide to replace the position - then it might not even be you - have a full-time gig.

If the company can't say yes, we want you, then you have no position to bargain from.

If that is the case, you take the school offer. At least, that is what I would do. But, no one says WWFD?



Go for the further education route.

Further qualifications and a better education will never hurt you. It will make you far more appealing to potential employers.

This company knows you and knows how you work. If the genuinely like and value you, then they will be willing to rehire you in the future. Speak to your boss and tell hims what you've told us. If he's intelligent he'll support you and recognise what further education will do for the company. If they force you to chose and don't support/understand your decision to choose school, then are not a company that i would respect or want to work for.

Choose school.


I agree with ZAP