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School Nutrition

Hey, I am high school and find it very difficult to eat alot while there. The only time I am supposed to eat is in lunch. We are not “allowed” to eat in or between periods, but sometimes I will get something in. During these times though I am always at a loss of what to eat. I need something very fast that either requires no prep time or something that will last from preparing it that morning. I know alot of you have been or are in my situation, what did you eat?

Eat whatever you can. High school is tough. eat when you go to the bathroom. beef jerky, nuts, protein shakes or bars. any of these should work.

I used to have bars and shakes in the bathroom.

utilize times when u can probably slide something in, homeroom, after u change from gym.

Try telling a teacher or two that your doctor told you that you need to eat more. Say if you don’t you get shaky or something. That is what I did in highschool and it worked out well. I would just bring a protein bar or a sandwich or something to that class everyday. No one ever questioned me. Just make sure its a cool teacher.

Nuts and jerky are the perfect, portable meal combination

If you’re going the jerky route, just remember to bring some breath mints :wink:

If you are a good student and not a delinquent, it should go long way in helping smooth things over with the faculty.

If you ARE a delinquent, then you’re just a guy who wants to eat during classtime.

Thanks, I would love to try telling the teachers that the doctor said I need more food, but i go to an extremely strict catholic school and even if I had a note from my doctor, I still don’t think they would let me eat in class.

What bars or shakes are best as a snack?

What bars and shakes are best for snacks?

Oh, come now. You already know the answer to that.

If you play sports maybe you can have your coach talk with your teachers.

Grow bars are quite tastey and convenient!

One thing that works in terms of portability is also those “packs” of Tuna. Rip off the top and dig in with a plastic fork.

Though I’d go to the bathroom for that one… I ripped one open in a class and really noticed the smell.

You can go either the P+F or the P+C route with Tuna because it’s high in protein, low in fat, and scant carbs. So add a F or C as your situation calls for it.

I like the “StarKist Flavor Fresh Albacore” myself.

Tuna is a great idea! Thanks

If you Highschool punks can sneak a smoke during a bathroom break then you can sneak a protein shake too…nuff said

Whenever I need some quick food I pack some peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat.