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School & No Food


I'm so hungry, but im at school and have no food, what should I do?

I'm in a bulking phase and I am completely starving right now!

I wont be home for another 50 minutes.


How is there no food? Go buy something at the snack bar or a vending machine. Then eat something nutritious when you get home.


Wait until you get home, eat, and then prepare some meals in advance so it won't happen again.


Ummm... wait until you get home to eat? WTF do you think we can do? Send you food?




Cut a finger open and suck on it. Be careful about consuming too much blood though, as the iron content is high. Do not consume blood from a vagina.

If you stare really really hard at the computer monitor for 50 minutes, then I will send food to your house.


Start a mutuany with your fellow classmates, kill the faculty and eat their bodies.

Nutrition facts for Human Being

Total fat-3g
Sat Fat -1g
Fiber -0
Total Carbs-0
Sugars -0
Protein -26g

Or you could just plan ahead and buy some protein bars for next time.


Your teacher would be very happy to supply you with blood from her virgina....


Blood from her "virginia?"

What does a state have to do with it?


Well,someone can't read...