School Me on Winstrol

Was thinking of adding winstrol to the end of an upcoming test/primo/deca cycle. I’ve never used it before. Questions I have:
Injectable has a much longer half life as oral?
Is injectable more bioavailable mg/mg with oral?
I heard you can drink the injectable form. If this is true does it take on the same characteristics as oral or does the half life/bioavail remain longer/better?
Does injectable/oral have the same toxicity characteristics?
Is PIP bad?
What would be the dose for oral vs injectable for a 200lb man?
What should the length of use be?
Thanks in advance.

Half life is longer for injectable, but it’s still taken daily. Toxicity is (allegedly) reduced, but winstrol isn’t that bad to begin with compared to other orals. I have never heard anyone say that the pip wasn’t bad. Yes, you can drink it, but that would be very dumb because you’d be paying about three times as much as you would for the oral tablets. Dose is 25-50, depending on a bunch of factors.

But winstrol and deca together make absolutely no sense. One causes water retention and the other shines by pulling water out. Unless you’re stepping on stage winstrol is probably not needed. And the cosmetic effects will be considerably hampered by the deca.

Got it. Thanks for the reply. Just trying to gain some knowledge. Maybe save the winstrol for a different cycle if at all.

Although I do agree with you and your statement of deca and winstrol not really being complementary there is reasoning suggesting they could work well together.

Now if we are looking at what we traditionally take each for as in the desired end result then yes they tend to be opposite.
If we look at what they are and what they do while doing what they “do” then thats a different story.

Deca is a progesterone and has side effects that go with that, stanozolol is known to have anti progestenic activity. Stanozolol is also obviously a DHT and there is this whole thing about DHTs being the shield against deca dick.

Second deca has strong AR bonding associated with it’s action. Now I have to say this carefully so that I don’t get “corrected” for assuming people understand the meaning of what I am saying. Stanozolol although it does bond with the AR, it’s action that we benefit from is independent from the AR. For some reason orals tend to have actions independent from the AR, or at least I only seem to remember some of the orals having independent action vs injectables. Another way of saying that is the stuff that stanozolol does, the stuff we take it for happens when it is not attached to the AR, it has independent anabolic action.
So if we mix deca and stanozolol they won’t be competing for ARs to work for us (although I am a firm believer that we have more than enough ARs, we would just have to super saturate our blood to always have a hormone ready to attach to every AR the second the previous molecule was done with the AR. So total receptor saturations and competition just isn’t something 99% of us have to worry about.)

Then if we mix deca a 19-nor with stanozolol a DHT we have two of the three families. If we use a test base then we have one from each of the three families and I swear this is like 1+1+1=5. Now what exactly that 5 would look like in this situation, idk.

Then there is stanozolols ability to lower SHBG Wich means more of the deca and or test base gets to be free to hopefully help build more.

Really stanozolol is just about the most stackable compound out there in regards to what it is on paper. And that’s the key there “on paper.”

For me the only reason I would consider deca with stanozolol is for the balancing of the progestenic effects of deca and even then it’s just a peace of mind because no one wants to worry on cycle. Then there is the possibility that the DHT will guard against deca dick too, also just a peace of mind.

Please keep in mind all of this was written by a guy who will not touch Deca and has only used NPP once. When I did use NPP I had masteron in there to be my DHT for most of the cycle and then added in stanozolol at the end when I figured I might have most risk of nandrolone doing something nasty to me.

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Good, everyday, long term dosage with safety in mind (not much gainZ here most likely):

Adverse side effects of these drugs are a concern. Hepatic toxicity with the use of anabolic steroids with an impeded androgenic effect is well established. 7 11 Peliosis hepatis is a life-threatening experience caused by the abuse of such drug therapy. 14

In a detailed study in which liver status was evaluated by hepatic enzyme determination as well as by technetium scanning and percutaneous liver biopsy, the use of anabolic steroids in the treatment of HAE did not cause hepatotoxicity. 8 At the minimal effective dosage of 0.5 to 2 mg stanozolol daily, the mean maximum values for liver function were within the normal range. Consistent with our experience, the values for hepatic transaminases were elevated when higher daily dosages were administered for attacks or preoperative prophylaxis. Data from the current study suggest that this dose (0.5-2 mg daily) is associated with minimal adverse drug effects in both the short-term and the long-term. When biochemical clinical abnormalities occurred, there was reversal with the reduction of stanozolol dosage without persistent or long-term abnormalities. We were aggressive in minimizing the stanozolol dosage by tapering according to our protocol, and we acknowledge that danazol therapy frequently causes some side effects, such as menstrual irregularities in women with HAE. 15