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School Me on How to Make Graphical Videos


Not videos shot with a camera, but videos with computer graphics.

I'm not talking about making a fucking Disney animated movie. Just but something simple and elegant.

Any information would be appreciated.


You need Adobe After Effects, but I'll tell you know that if you don't know Photoshop to start off with, it won't be easy.

That brings me to the 2nd point, you need to know Photoshop.

Also, learning a 3D package won't hurt. 3D Studio Max, Cinema4D or Maya. I use Maya personally.

Check out www.videocopilot.net


These guys have a great sense of humour too:


Or if you're not that ambitious


Animation-ish is what you want.

If you want something more robust there's Toon Boom Studio



Without this nothing else happens, unless you create objects in AFX in which case

good luck


Haha, well said.


Reminded me of this... Used to be called "Disgruntled Art Student Portfolio" - (from the description)"So this video was created by a third year Game Development student at UOIT. This is the final animation for an Animation Arts class. My friend Colin used all the techniques that were taught by this professor. And as you can see, he made the best animation with what was taught."

So, I guess I wouldn't recommend taking an Animation Arts class at UOIT?


where can i see what kind of graphics card i have?
is not listed in Hardware or Product Documentation
was given to me as a gift by someone who did not foresee me playing any games or whatnot with it
so i don't know what kind of specs it has (the other numbers are decent for this)