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School Me in Jerky


Is meat jerky okay to have as a snack? Like turkey jerky and beef jerky, as long as i stick to the less surgary, "traditional" variety over the teriyaki or BBQ flavored types that seem to add in a bunch of sugary ingredients.

If not, what would you all suggest as a non-nut, non-carby snack food for, say, mid-afternoon? I'm supplementing with Flameout and FA3, and have been snacking regularly on raw, mixed nuts... but i think I'm overdoing the nuts.

I always feel so full afterward, even when I only grab a small handful (less than 1/4 cup). I think the nuts are contributing to part of my "metabolic reboot" i'm trying after going too low with a caloric deficit for a couple months.

As always, any insight and input is greatly appreciated.


Use the search function, there a couple good threads that have previously discussed this topic.