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School Lifting Team

My school has a fantastic weight room. But only freshmen taking P.E and athletes get to use it. There used to be a weightlifting class or Advanced Physical Fitness, as would be the proper term, but no one took it so they stopped the class as soon as I had a chance to take it putting me in art (which is cool though, considering how I turned out to REALLY enjoy the class).

I keep on telling them “Make a TEAM! Make a TEAM!” But I always get the same things “Too Dangerous! Too Dangerous!” I even ask them if I could even just form a school club. But I get the same thing.

Obviously it’s not too dangerous for the athletes or the Freshman in P.E (unless they stopped weightlifting for them too) so I just assume they’re being assholes.

What I’m wondering is, did any of your schools that you attended (Highschools) have a weightlifting club or even a team?

It really is a HUGE liability for them. Granted, they could make it, but you have to realize there is a lawsuit waiting to happen the first time some genius decides to do supramaximal snatches and falls backwards with a 200 lb barbell over his face.

That’s true. But geniuses do that all the time when they’re on the football team, injure themselves, and lose play for a while.

Wouldn’t it be a bigger deal if he’s actually on a team which brings in alot of attention/students.

So it seems like it wouldn’t be so bad if you got hurt lifting on the weight lifting team than if you got hurt lifting on the football or wrestling team.

The concept just screams “LAWSUIT”.

Why not just go out for an athletic team? Throw shot/disc for the track team, do some football, w/e your into.

Or, just ask one of the coaches of an athletic team if you could work into their weight room practices.

I am particularly interested in Shotput/Discus. But the problem is that I have to take as much time as possible after school to take care of my mother. She broke three of her vertebrae and injured her spinal cord and she just can’t get around at all.

So, I’m really going to have to find time to balance all this out.