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School Lifting Class

So this year I have to take a lifting class for P.E. The thing is that we only lift 2 days a week and just run a shit load the other 3. I’ve been making good gains working out after school on a 4 day routine. So I’m wondering if I should still try and workout after school, even though I’ll be doing stuff at school 2 times a week?

post pics???

If you have the freedom to control what you’re doing in the class, yeah, on the days you lift weights in class, move your workout to the class-time.

The thing with this class is the the 2 days are chosen at random. Also he chooses what we do and half the time we’re doing body weight exercises…

oh. Then fuck it, it’s a waste of time. Consider it a GPP/Feeder workout (something to just get the blood pumping).

Your lifting class sucks. My HS class didn’t have any instruction that I can remember, but our running was limited to a warm up lap at the beginning of every class.

Oh yeah, find whatever extra time you can to get into the gym. Make sure you’re eating enough to make the effort worth it. That means eat a lot. Count calories and grams of protein for a while to get an idea of how much you should be eating. You may say you don’t want to bulk, and that’s fine, but then you should gain mass as quickly as possible, then reward yourself with time off. Why waste tons of time in the gym when you don’t aspire to make huge gains right?

that sucks,
our lifting class was 90 min every other day,
and the most running I remember doing was on fridays when we had a “cool down” consisting of a game called:
be the last person to have the shirt ripped off your back…
…ah to be young (and raised in the sticks)…

If you are making gains, use the exercises to get a good pump, and then ditch your shirt.
…if you can get the ladies attention (without being an obvious putz), you might end up with a school-sponsored bodybuilding competition. The galls will probably make it some sort of charity event, like buy new pom-poms or something, but if you can get enough guys it could provide some real motivation.

if you are still in high school ask the teacher if you could do your own thing. My HS gym teacher was my football coach so it was all powerlifting all the time haha. But if youre in college then just bite the bullet and take it as a feeder like otep said.