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School, Life, Advice Needed?

Hello old timers, and some young timers I assume! I am new to the forum and was seeking some “improvement” tips I guess? What is the best advice you can give to a young 20 something like myself? My current stance in life isn’t so bad. I re-enrolled into university after taking about 3 years off, I’m just a part time student taking anatomy and a literature class. Trying to decide on a major by the spring and hopefully get a new job by then as well!

Fitness is something I know little about, which is the main reason I am here. I am 6’1 and 250lbs. Also irresponsibly addicted to sugary drinks and fast food. Life is a journey, and I feel like I have been passively living it for the first few years of my life. I’m looking to make a change, and I’m looking for some words of encouragement from folks like you that have more experience in life than me. Thank you all.

The best advice I can give is to be a man of action - the guy who gets things done.

Raise above the petty bitching that seems to consume everybody’s lives and focus on improving yourself and making the lives of those close to you better.

Never stop learning and listening. Life is much better when you listen instead of talk to.

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Cut that shit out, lift weights, be happy and have sex with as many girls as you can.

EDIT: or guys. Have sex with guys if you want. It was wrong of me to assume you’re heterosexual.


Also to add to the above, ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Try to not get caught up in making it to these “destinations” that so many people create. Just live, experience and learn.

If you’re a decently smart guy, and with some luck of course, time will bring you wisdom on “how to live,” which is a completely personal thing and no two men can tell the other the secret to such things.

This, taken altogether, made me chuckle.

I would only add to OP that he should make a habit of recognizing and actively enjoying his blessings. To me, gratitude for what one has or has the ability to achieve is the root of happiness. Enjoy your abilities, enjoy your plans, enjoy pretty days. Avoid jealousy and bitterness.


You are wrong to assume I am heterosexual. But I am. This is 2016 after all. I could be a transgendered llama riding a unicycle in Sylvester Stallone’s basement. The world, may never know.

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you should still suck one dick just to be sure

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Any recommendations? Asian, Black, White, Hispanic? How was your first?

well, embarrassingly, I’ve never actually done it. Never come across one which I thought looked sufficiently delicious.

That’s not to say I never will! The search continues…


oh my god that had me rolling :laughing:

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I would recommend starting with Yogi’s. Have you seen him in the beginner’s section? He’s both helpful and gentle with the right amount of humour. You just know he isn’t going to whack you in the back of the head at the point of climax to increase his pleasure or berate you as a failure afterwards.

My only disappointment is he lives in a different country otherwise he’d have my mouth virginity fo shizzles.

that means a lot to me, man. Seriously.