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School Board Shooting


I saw this on the news last night but the audio wasn't on. This has it with some of the conversation that took place:

I was hoping somebody would end up leaking the whole video that shows the guy going nuts, spray painting the wall, then shooting himself.

I've never had a gun pulled at me or been shot and I'm not sure what I would do after seeing this. I'm pretty sure I would hit the deck and get down after shots were fired, unlike the couple of people in here on the left that looked like they just closed there eyes and pulled the proverbial sheet over there head and pretended it wasn't happening.

Thankfully, nobody died in this except for the crazy guy.


I was reading this yesterday, freaking crazy.

His FB account is set on public and he's got some crazy stuff posted on it:


Also people have been posting on it non-stop


Angry American is Angry


If he was serious about shooting people, some time on the range would've helped. Methinks he never won the plastic comb at carnival shooting games.


I heard the audio on the radio today, pretty stupid thing to do over your wife getting fired.

At least he's dead.


ginger had some big brass balls for trying to clock the guy but you would think if she is gonna take that risk of getting shot she would put him down for good..fire extinguisher upside the head not limp wristedly trying to hit the gun out of his hand with a handbag.


Wow.....dude had some issues.


Thats totally fucked up.. luckily that guy sucks at shooting.. as messed up as it is.. how the hell do you miss from 10 feet?!? Thankfully those people are ok..


Here's a longer clip:

Mad props to the older lady for trying to knock the gun out of his hand.


Must have left his Guy Fawkes mask at home.


The video was disturbing!! It's a good thing he was a horrible shot....


Florida - concealed carry pistol state but there may be a law against carrying on school property.

This is one of the reasons I always carry a gun - because you just never know.

May that bad-shot motherfucker rot in hell.


Man, sucks to be you. Dunno about you, but I don't arm myself and live in a constant state of paranoia because of what I see on the news.


You can carry a weapon without being paranoid, just saying. It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.



Does a significant portion of the US civilian population walk around strapped?


Depends on the state you're in. Illinois (where I live) is the only state without any form of pistol carry allowed. Wisconsin has no concealed carry, though they have open carry.

Texas has the loosest gun laws and most guns per capita but (pretty sure about this) has one of the lowest gun crime rates in the U.S.


But what if the British come back and try to sleep with your sister?!?!?!


In Alaska you can walk into a store and walk out with a handgun. They run a background check while you are there just to make sure you don't have felonies or something. This is according to my buddy who is going out there to live with his brother.



Can still have guns in your home man. Got it covered. (actually, I live in a campus apartment, so I can't have a gun here)


Fuck a gun, just get a sonicare powered toothbrush and brush their teeth. After you scrape away all that shit they will have sensitive teeth for weeks!