School and Diet

I’m trying to consume 6k-7k calories a day…I want to be around 200 lbs and gain some mass. I’m 174 lbs now and I’m not gaining any more. I think the way to go is lift heavy and eat alot. The thing is I have to get up in the morning, eat, and then go to school at 8:20, wait in my classes until 11:20, and then have lunch until 12:00

I live 10 miles from school so I don’t go there for lunch…I need some ideas for packed lunch and maybe something I can put in my bag that’s not so obvious in class…I get out of school at 3:00 and workout right after, so I need an ideal meal for inbetween 3:00 and my workout…After my workout I go to work (fast food, hard to stay away from the food (sonic))

So do they make refigerators for cars?..Seriously, I need to have some ideas for packed foods that I can eat away from home and be able to consume alot of calories per day…can you help me out? also, I don’t know if 6k is real or not, what should I go for…Maybe get alot of oatmeal and put it in some containers for eating at lunch, but I need some protien also…

Take a couple of shakers with protein powder in them with you to class. Excuse yourself from class and add water to the protein powder, and slug it down.

I was in a similar situation when I was in high school. The thing that I found that worked the best was to bring a small cooler. Yeah, it might look funny, and you might be known as “the kid with the icechest” but it’s a really easy way to take enough food for the course of the day.
For food to eat in class, just eat sandwiches. Unless your teachers are anal, you can probably get away with munching on a sandwich.

6000 calories is a bit high. I would guess you’ll need around 4000

Maybe these will be helpful.

What about protein bars and nuts during class? Healthy fats have lots of calories. Keeping a stocked cooler in your car shouldn’t be too hard. Good luck!

Hey, good to see youre still at it, hows the training going freak ?
During my senior year a couple years ago i kept a lot of jerky and nuts in my locker, as well as protein bars and, um… this might not go over well, but pop tarts as well. I lifted during school though, so i would slam down the pop tarts after my workout which took place in the early morning, like 3rd period.

Youre still skinny, so you need to focus on mostly clean calories right now.

As far as right before your workout, i would slam some chocolate milk with a scoop of protein in it.

best of luck–JB