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Scholarship Opportunity for One of T-Nation's Own


I've applied for an online scholarship that can get me about $5000 towards my education which is going to cost 55 grand a year. I need people to vote for me at the link below to become a finalist and then I will get an interview. Please take the few seconds to vote for me and confirm it in an email you will receive. There is a 1 vote max per day. Thanks guys



bump bump bump


thank you to anyone who has voted


Why should I give you my vote? What assurances do I have that you are the best potential recipient of this scholarship? How do I know you aren't some fucking mongoloid who's somehow gotten on to your parents' computer behind their back? What makes you special, huh? Explain to me and the rest of the T-Nation what it is that separates you from the rest of the crowd? Do you think we'll just blindly vote for you without some sort of actual reason? Do you think us T-Nationers are a bunch of whores whose votes can be bought with some simple-minded, poorly-justified plea from you? Do you consider us to be of such low merit and esteem that we simply sell ourselves out at the drop of a hat? Fuck you, you piece of trash! What do think we are here? A bunch of fucking lemmings?!?!?!?! Fuck off and die!


I'll vote for you just because of that


Well, I guess we've figured out a way to separate the yes men from the individuals around here.


55 GRAND!?? You should look into a scholarship!


...and make sure it's one that people can vote for you to receive!


How kind of you...but if you would really like any other reasons to vote for me than the sort essay you can find on the link I've lettered in 3 sports a year for 4 years, been a conference champion, state runner up, and competed at a regional level. I'm also in the top five percent of my class even having taken 5 unweighted AP classes and 3 classes through a local liberal arts college.

I also volunteer my time to help coach the areas youth and I am heavily involved in student governance as class president, student parliamentarian, and the chief justice of our schools judiciary board. I try really hard to give back to my community for all the opportunities they have given me. I'm also not wealthy by any means so I'd really appreciate it if you could take a few seconds to help me get a possible interview where I could possibly be awarded money to go towards my education.


Done, good luck.


DB this kid just spanked your ass red. Okay kid I will vote for you, because you did not respond in a dumb ass way. Good luck.

What are you going to school for.


ass-to-mouth or it didn't happen. How do I know you're not lying? How do I know you're not just regurgitating your closest competitor's biography?


Thanks djht and matt. Im going to Bowdoin college...liberal arts school you cant declare your major until after your sophomore year but I'm planning on political science or international relations. I'll also be on the track team.

DB, you don't know I'm not lying but you aren't handing me any money you're giving me a shot at an interview. But if you really think a 17 year old kid who is just trying to pay for school would make a fake profile on the scholarship website and then come on a forum that is completely unrelated just to lie about it I'm not really sure how to convince you. Would address SS number and a phone interview suffice? I bet your life is awesome with such a pessimistic outlook.


DB cooper = biggest loser on T-Nation.


My life IS awesome. I'll resist the temptation to claim that I'm "winning".

Look, I'm sure you're qualified and all that shit, but I just get perturbed at people who come on here and give some sob story or some quick rundown as to why they need our vote for something and blah, blah, blah. Is the point of this to demonstrate that you have what it takes to mobilize large amounts of people? Is the interview granted on the basis of your ability to mobilize voters? If so, I'll vote for you. If not, fuck off. Sorry pal, but I'm not going to vote for you simply because you came on here and asked.

You do volunteer work? You've worked with children? You're an upstanding member of the community? Great. Welcome to the fucking club. I work with kids every week at the local Boys and Girls Club, I do tons of volunteer work, I help clean up the local parks and I am a contributing member to the local community. Where's my vote? Oh yeah, I don't expect one and I don't expect any reward for my good deeds. It's called altruism.

You expect me to vote for you because you come across as a halfway decent human being? Is this scholarship the only reason you even volunteer and work within the community in the first place? How do I know that your actions are genuine? How do I know that you aren't simply doing good in furtherance of your own selfish needs?

Shit, I made a thread once about something like this. A couple months back I read a story about a kid who was killed by a drunk driver and his family was trying to get money together to build a Little League field in an impoverished area in his name. The kid's family needed to win some sort of contest on the basis of votes in order to qualify for this $200,000 grant that would have paid for building the field.

I read about this on mlb.com so it's a legit story as far as I'm concerned. I posted a link to the article along with a short exhortation for T-Nationers to vote for this field. I was touched by the story, I'm a huge baseball fan, I've coached kids in the past and I thought it was a worthy cause. You know how many people on here confirmed they voted for this kid's memorial field? Two. Two fucking people.

So I'll be goddamned if I come on here and capitulate to your demands for votes. If I'm going to vote for something I don't even really know about, I'm going to do so for a cause that is REALLY worthy. If you need this scholarship due to some horrific tragedy in your life, fine. I'll vote for you. But otherwise, no fucking way. You haven't EARNED my vote yet, and quite frankly I'm still a little pissed off about how horrendously my own attempt at collecting votes went and I'm taking it out on you.

So, tell me again why I should vote for you and why you are THE most qualified person.


Listen buddy, if this kid wants my vote, he has to earn it. Unlike you sheeple who just cast about your endorsements with no regard for your dignity. But go on, keep telling me I'm a loser for busting this kid's balls a little bit under the guise of maintaining what little integrity I have.


Just because you just made $2,000,000 doesn't mean you don't get to not go down to the Welfare Department and pick up your check, dammit.

Get with the program, you old and dirty bastard.


Says the guy who just lectured OP on ALTRUISM. Yes, OP, this man will vote for you IF you humor him. His vote is your doggy treat.


Irony never gets old.


OP, what school are you going to that costs $55,000 a year? I assume this is undergrad. If so, there are legit GRAD programs that cost less. If you're hurting for money, you will sacrifice and go to another school whose tuition is within reach. No sympathy from me.

This thread is like starting a a tip jar to fund your purchase of a Ferrari.


You can finish that major in 2 years. There. I saved you 100 grand.


Same - got my vote for the way you responded to this banter...

We need more people like you on this site...