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Schmidts' Barbell Adventures


Enough with the lurking! I have been reading the logs of others here for some time now, and I have come to the conclusion that I had better start make my own contribution to the fantastic atmosphere in this place.
Note: all measurements in this log is metric (I am too lazy to figure out the lbs)

Vital stats:
Born 1975
Weight 91 kg

Best lifts:

Squat 177,5kg
Bench 132,5 kg (paused)
Deadlift 215 kg (conventional) 210 kg (sumo)
MP 85 kg


Just to get this rolling I will log yesterdays session. (reps * weight lifted/ set * reps @ weight lifted)

Tuesday 22. June


20*20 kg
3*5 @ 50 kg
2*3 @ 70 kg
2*3 @ 90 kg
2*2 @ 105 kg

(benchpress is in deload mode)


2*10 @ 20 kg (overhead squat)
5*50 kg
5*70 kg
3*100 kg
3*120 kg
1*140 kg
1*155 kg (belt)
1*165 kg
1*177,5 kg PR +2,5 kg

2*140 kg (no belt)

  • pendlay rows and long-stride walking lunges (BW)

Positively surprised... I am not supposed to be in PR shape in the squat, but I found at solid groove and jusst went with it. It was rather heavy but not all-out, there might be 5-10 kg more in the tank...


Welcome to the 'Where the hell is my Ben-Gay and Advil' group. Nice lifting.



Todays activity

2*15k bike-ride to and from work. (last leg still not done)my feet are killing me, I used my bikeshoes for the first time in 8 month.

Here is a 3 month old deadlift video

The following week I pulled 4*195kg. Narrowly missing the fifth rep as I hooked my hand in my pants.


Dammit, another thread I have to do metric conversions in! You damned Canadians! Finland is just outside of Alberta, right? :wink:

When I do the math it looks like some pretty nice lifting!


No kidding, very nice numbers! You're a welcome addition to the gang. I just recommend staying away from Meat's thread for a while...they have some issues to work through there.


since you are new, you must do 5/3/1 from now on. or we will kill and eat you. this is a very strict forum


x2. Doing the math in my head is bad enough. Then I noticed there were commas where periods are supposed to be! Thank God for ibuprofen...

Welcome aboard! As has been said, good looking lifts.
Finland is one of the countries I have always wanted to visit. Since I have to cross a few borders, not to mention the ocean, though, it might be a while.


Strong Lifts! Glad to add another!


You are absolutely right, just outside Alberta :slight_smile:

Tanks for the kind words


5/3/1 ??? is that some sort of cult?


Thanks for the advise... and you really should change your log titel!


I am not native to Finland but it does have its good sides, especially during summer. We are getting ready to celebrate the good old heathen midsummer-festival this weekend. That translates in to BBQ, beer, and sauna... and most likely someting like 10-15 drownings.

But feel free to visit, I highly recommend summertime in Finland


Thanks, and your lifting pretty strong as well!


Wow! You catch on quick! Or the lurking has paid off...lol

That is exactly what it is. Be careful! These folks are fanatics.


I would imagine that the winters are pretty brutal. Summer sounds like a good plan.

Since it is a "heathen midsummer-festival", are the drownings accidental? Or sacrifices? :slight_smile:
Beer and BBQ are good no matter what is going on around them.


The weird number combinations and the canibalism talk is a dead giveaway :slightly_smiling:


I think it's ritual... in a "standing in a boat pissing over the side" kinda way :slightly_smiling:


Todays work

Torsdag 24. juni 2010

Benchpress (paused)

10*20 kg
10*20 kg
5*50 kg
5*50 kg
3*70 kg
3*70 kg
2*90 kg
1*100 kg
1*110 kg
1*120 kg
1*130 kg
1*137,5 kg PR +5 kg
0*142,5 kg

the 142,5 kg never really got out of the hole...

Deadlift (sumo)

10*70 kg
10*70 kg
3*100 kg
3*100 kg
3*120 kg
3*120 kg
2*140 kg
1*160 kg
1*180 kg
1*195 kg
1*205 kg
1*220 kg PR!!!

205 came up nicely so I went all-in...

I'll try to add a little support stuff later on today


Nice work! Congrats on the PRs! Especially breaking 300# on bench.
You know, saying 137,5 kg just doesn't sounds as impressive as 302.5 lbs. Kind of like how a 110 km speed limit looks more fun than 70 mph.