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Schinn Airdyne


I recently bought an Airdyne and remembered reading that you have been using one for your conditioning too. I was just wondering how you use this in your training. Intervals, steady state, or both? thanks


This is how I use it:

Put on an episode of Parks/Recreation or The League. I then ride while watching the show.
After the show, which is about 21 minutes on NetFlix, I get off.

I usually ride about 7 miles.

Intervals give you herpes. Don’t do them. Watch mindless TV when you do mindless work.


“Intervals give you herpes.”

This is my new favorite quote.


I’m just happy he likes Park n Rec lol.


[quote]NorthStrong wrote:
I’m just happy he likes Park n Rec lol. [/quote]

Have you seen Chris Pratt go from fatty to guardians of the galaxy material? Maybe Jim talked him into 531 (joke).