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Schiff wins Tea Party support


Lost in the crush of Blumenthal news was this significant endorsement: Republican Peter Schiff has won the backing of the Connecticut Grassroots Alliance, a loose network of 28 conservative and Tea Party-affiliated groups.

“No candidate in America better understands the fiscal mess we are in than Peter Schiff,” Vivian Rockwell, cofounder of Distressed Patriots for America, said in a statement. “The Washington establishment pretends we can borrow our way out of debt. Peter Schiff knows we must face facts and cut spending. He has the courage and the financial expertise to tackle our economic woes.”

Schiff is clearly hoping to replicate Rand Paul’s stunning victory in Kentucky yesterday, though it has to be said that Connecticut and Kentucky are two very different states.

"Washington is filled with career politicians who have traded our constitutional principles for a couple of votes,’’ Schiff said in an email. "The American people are tired of it. Americans want to get back to the principles this country was founded on.’’

Paul’s win is an example “of the enthusiasm and power of the Tea Party movement which focuses on these founding principles of lower taxes, less government and fewer regulations. Americans want a smaller government, and they are consistently sending that message with their votes,” Schiff said.