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Schiff for Senate!


At the end he says he most likely will be running. I will be keeping this thread active, we need Schiff.

http://www.schiffforsenate.com/ Here you can see how much he has raised.


He said he's definitely running. Forgot where I heard it. I'll try and dig up the link.

I sent him 25 bucks a few days ago. I suggest any fans of his do the same. He's definitely something we need more of on the hill.

Hell, I'd send money to a baby seal poacher if I thought it would help get rid of Chris Dodd.


When I get paid tonight what ever I have left over I will be sending to him. I truly believe he is what this country needs.



About Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff is a successful businessman, bestselling author, and economic expert widely credited with foretelling the US economic crisis years before it occurred.

Peter is not a politician and has never held elected office, instead dedicating his entire adult life to economics and finance. A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, Peter studied finance and accounting before joining a prominent brokerage firm. In 1996 he joined Euro Pacific Capital, a small brokerage with no clients or revenues, building it into an industry leader in international investment strategies with thousands of clients and six offices nationwide.

In 2006, Peter sounded the alarm that the US economy was facing significant challenges as the credit and housing bubbles neared deflation. His numerous appearances on national television predicting the recession were met with skepticism by established insiders, but Peter continued to warn of the coming economic collapse.

In 2007, Peter authored the bestselling â??Crash Proofâ?? in which he warned that upon the economic downturn, the federal government would mis-read the situation, over react and propose solutions that would actually undermine any possible recovery. As Peter predicted, the government has grown at an exponential rate and has choked off the free market system from bringing economic renewal.

Peter maintains that government intervention through regulation, stimulus programs, and corporate bailouts can only worsen our economic crisis. Peter has been a vocal critic of the economic stimulus packages proposed by both President Obama and President George W. Bush, while other Republicans remained silent and on the sidelines.

Peter is a Connecticut native, and the third generation to call the Nutmeg state home. His paternal grandfather settled in Connecticut at the turn of the century, working as a skilled laborer on a number of local landmarks including the Yale Bowl. Connecticut continues to play a central role in Peterâ??s life. He chose Westport as the headquarters for his business and lives in Weston, where he is raising his seven year old son.

Peter embraces strong fiscally conservative principles and believes that our economic recovery should be left to the free market through businesses and individuals â?? not the federal government. He believes that, out of 100 members of the US Senate, at least one should have real world experience in finance and economics.


I gave him some money but I think he's better off in the private sector. The world needs ideological leadership not another congressional candidates. So now it will be 2 against 354 rather than 1 against 353.


The odds are much worse than that. While I think nothing helpful will ultimately come from politics or politicians it would be nice to have him in the Senate adding some sanity to all the BS. Though I am sure he will be treated just like Paul is in the House.

Also, keep your eye on Dr. Paul's son Dr. Rand Paul. He's running for US Senate in Kentucky as an R for Jim Bunning's seat whom announced he is retiring and not seeking reelection.


Might want to check your math on that one.



Great video, a must watch.








The "Dough for Dumps" idea is a riot.


I just donated 25. Schiff's the man, he's exactly what this country needs in Congress right now.


From what i've heard Schiff seems to have his priorities straight. But i don't know if a single member of Congress can get anything done when the rest has already chosen not to give a f*** about the wellbeing of the United States of America.

I don't even know if the American people are up for what Schiff proposes. Which is less consuming and more producing. Hence more work less leisure. I guess it'll come up to the point where nobody has a choice anymore..


I think the Majority realizes that they fucked up. Guy's like Schiff are going to be taking over the house and senate in 2010.



This dude is the first politician I would've donated money for, but as one of them foreigners I'm apparently not allowed to do so. I would've considered it partly a price I pay for a movie ticket for all the youtube videos of him kicking ass in the congress and partly actually making the world a better place. Doesn't matter where I live since, you know, you Yanks are still quite influential all over the place.


Peter Schiff was RIGHT!



Schiff on Bernanke.


The guy is obviously smart and was/is right about a lot of things, but he will not win. Hes not charismatic enough, his platform relies on understanding things the lay person will not, and most importantly hes too doom and gloom.

If he wants to win he can't rely on discussions of increases in the M2 or why the CPI is rigged by the government. GDP may be shrinking, the level of debt to GDP may be at all time highs, the dollar may be destined for collapse but thats not what the average guy wants to know about.

Schiff needs to ask people if they feel any better off today than they did 10 years ago, because if they don't why are they voting for Dodd? He needs to express optimism in the economy if we could only get Washington out of the way. He needs to talk about American innovation.

Winning an election isn't about winning an economics debate.

P.S. Is it just me or does he do a weird thing with his eyes when hes talking?


Another money bomb on the 10th. If he gets to 1.5 million he is in for sure, if he has over a million he will most likely run.

He is at 935,000 right now.

Looks more and more likely that he will be running for senate.