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Schering Test E. Real or Fake?

i recently bought some schering testoviron depot. the look legit, they are boxed (three to a box) with a lovely insert inside. HOWEVER…the box says testoviron-DEPO-250, as do the amps. the insert says testoviron-DEPOT. does this reek of fakeness? the writing is in german…made in berlin apparently…

i WILL be able to get a pic, as soon as i can find where the mrs has put the ****ing camera!

ill answer any questions i can till then. thanks guys…

thanks for your imput you wankers!!!

dickhead… we’re still waiting for the pic - well you won’t get any help now so don’t bother posting.

ok relax please!!

i was only kidding. anyway i found out they were fake. goof fakes with active ingredients but fakes. in the bin they go. which sucks but never mind eh!

Kill your supplier… anyone supplying fakes should be shot!

i know! it pisses me off no end. its so difficult to find someone you trust in this sport. oh well the search continutes…