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Scheme For Strength


Hi guys, couple of quick Q's.

I want to try to build up strength in my legs, not too bothered about doing much upper body work at the mo. My goal is to improve my change of pace for playing footy, and was wondering how about rep/set protocols.

Am I right in thinking that 3-5 sets of 4-6 reps would be all right? I was thinking of doing a deadlift variation and a squat variation (perhap's single-leg) twice a week. Comments please!!!


That's a good set-rep scheme for strength.

3 quick comments:
1.) You should also work-in some speed work as well. I.e. once a week lift about 70% of your 1rm AS FAST AS YOU CAN! This will help train your muscles to develop power. Make sure to maintain good form and stay in control of the weight, but speed lifting can add a TON.

2.) If you're playing football, you might also want to up your enduance. Try doing a high-rep workout once in a while, i.e. 2-3 sets of 20 reps or so. You'll improve the lactic-acid tolerance of your muscles (That 'burning' feeling is lactic-acid) and be able to sprint longer.

3.) Lunges. Do some lunges. Save the one-legged squats for a couple months down the road.


Thanks for your contribution dude, much appreciated!