Scheduled layoffs

Just wonderin’ how many people here actually take a scheduled layoff every 8-12 weeks. And if so, have you noticed any benefit relative to not taking one. I can’t seem to keep myself out of the gym for more than a few days but so I’m thinking I may just train @ 70-80% of max weight/reps to facilitate systemic recovery intead of actually laying off. Also, what if any diet modifications do you do during your week off (i.e lay off creatine and other supps) Any thoughts

I have found a rest week after 6 weeks hard training excellent, no weights just do Coach Davies jump rope with jumping jacks etc 3 days followed by good stretch session, I do that in place of w/out rather than the am when I normally do it. Drop all supps but stick to diet. Feel great after about 3 days and rip into it again following week refreshed.